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How to sell your own home in 21 days

How To Sell Your Own Home In 21 Days

Are you starting to get anxious because your property is not selling?

Or maybe you’re just thinking about selling, and you’re not sure how buyers will react…

Of course a couple of years ago, you would’ve had no problem unloading your home… just name your asking price, place an ad in the newspaper or hire a Realtor, and BINGO… SOLD!

But that’s not happening in the current real-estate market.

What may have worked then, isn’t working so well today. 

In fact, the statistics state that your home may very well ‘sit’ unsold for up to one year!

The game has changed!

… and if you don’t change with it, you might be left out in the cold. 

Find Out How You Can Sell Your House QUICKLY

I’m not a Realtor or real estate investor, nor am I actively involved in the ‘real estate market’ per se. 

But not long ago I owned a small 2/1 condo that I wasdesperately trying to sell – as fast as possible. 

It was costing me nearly $1000.00 a month sitting there empty, after I had kicked out a dead-beat renter. And I was running out of cash, fast!

So I listed my house the conventional way with a Realtor just like millions of people do everyday… 

But for the first month and a half, I got absolutely zero response!  No traffic was going in which meant no offers were coming out.

And this occurred even after I reduced my asking price $30,000 from the original listing of $179,000! 

“How much lower did I need to go,”  I thought?

The real estate market was pretty much at a stand-still; buyers weren’t buying much and sellers weren’t selling much. 

To make matters worse, my homeowners association prohibited any “FOR SALE” signs from being placed in anyone’s front yard!

It was all soooooo frustrating!

But that’s when I decided to get proactive, take a gamble, and do something drastic to call attention to my home… AND IT WORKED!

The end result?  Within 21 days after having made just ONE change to my listing, my Realtor received multiple offers from several buyers, and the rest was easy. Finally, my house was S-O-L-D!

And anyone can use the very same strategy that I did – with or withouta  Realtor!  

And it all started after I placed a tiny breakthrough classified ad in my local newspaper. (Read more about that ad in your Free Chapter below.)

In the end, I walked away with a cool net profit of $76,000! 

Now that may or may not seem like a lot of money to receive after selling your house.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t… depends on your income, financial status, current situation, etc… 

Getting back to my story… once I sold my house, I got the chance to see if it was possible for lightning to strike twice.

At the time, my older brother, a physical therapist, was experiencing the very same scenario as I had earlier. 

His dilemma involved trying to unload a piece of rental property located in Port St. Lucie, FL, that he’d purchased a couple years back during the end of the real estate boom.

Now, all it was to him, was a vacant, money-sucking headache. The renter bailed out and my brother lived 200 miles away from the property. 

At that point he just wanted to get rid of it! (In fact, he had to take out a loan just to keep up with making the payments!)

So he listed it with a Realtor and it had an asking price of $209K … just about the same price like so many other houses-for-sale in the area.

And it sat and sat and sat, practically unnoticed.

It wasn’t long before he and I were sitting around his kitchen table, eating and discussing what it was, exactly, that I’d done to get my house sold so quickly.

He listened intently and was surprised at how his kid brother came up with such a practical concept for selling one’s property… that hardly anyone else was using.

We then scanned the real-estate ads in the newspaper and viewed houses for sale on the internet, all the while discussing the strategies I’d used, tossing scenarios back and forth to each other the whole time.

When we finished, all he could say was, “This sounds like it’ll work!  I gotta go call my Realtor and tell her the new game plan.”

He then placed one specifically-worded ad in the local newspaper and I showed him how to place another (free) ad on the internet. (It’s real simple).

To make a long story short, in two weeks his place sold for $189K and he was more than happy. Meanwhile, the rest of the houses in that same area continued to “sit” there, even though some had reduced the price. 

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How to buy luggage online

How To Buy Luggage Online

Traveling can be an exhilarating experience especially if you have the proper luggage to carry around. Most travelers prefer the maxim less is more when it comes to luggage. However, there are people who cannot travel without bringing an entire wardrobe.

No matter how heavy or how light you travel, it is always advisable to get the right luggage for your lifestyle. A businessman should opt for a more business like luggage while a backpacker should choose a more practical luggage. On the other hand, a socialite should travel using only the trendiest luggage in tow.

Getting the right luggage is no longer a problem nowadays because there are various shops offering a complete list of luggage online. People who are interested in buying the luggage can choose from the online catalogues and order them by filling up the required forms.

No matter what your lifestyle is or what kind of traveler you are, it is always best to choose luggage that is functional and aesthetic at the same time. The primary consideration should however be the functionality and practicality of the luggage.

Choosing a luggage made of lightweight material will always be a good choice especially when traveling by air. Airlines charge extra for luggage that weighs beyond the allowed weight limit. A baggage that is already made of heavy materials to start with can cost the traveler a lot of money in excess luggage fees alone.

Seasoned travelers know that a good luggage should have useful compartments for different items like shoes and accessories. The majority will however agree that a luggage equipped with small wheels will always be practical especially when it has to be hand carried.

The durability of the luggage should also be a consideration because no traveler would want his belongings exposed to the whole world when his luggage gets damaged even before going inside the airport.

Some people will opt for luggage that can be adjusted in size and length depending on their load. The more fashionable travelers will prefer matching luggage that is easily identifiable. When choosing the size of your luggage, always consider the different airline rules as to the sizes allowed to be hand carried and those required to be checked in.

Of course, luggage made of good quality will always cot more than the lesser quality luggage. However, sacrificing a few dollars for quality may be the best option rather than choosing a cheap luggage that will not stand the test of time and travel. Usually, highly-priced luggage will be more cost effective in the long run especially when its owner will have some heavy traveling to do in the days to come.

How can you find freelance writing jobs

How Can You Find Freelance Writing Jobs?;-)!!!

Do you think that there is a big sign that reads, “Freelance Writing Jobs, Apply Within”? There just is not. In fact, you may have a hard time finding writing jobs of any type advertised in any employment magazine or newspaper either. So, how do you find freelance writing jobs? Let us talk about this for a moment and see if we can’t find an idea or two that will work for you.

1. Begin at the beginning. Get the education you need to have. Learn what there is to know about the field in which you are looking for job vacancies. Having knowledge itself can open doors. This can help with step two as well.
2. When you do have that knowledge, do not forget to look towards the teachers you got it from for help in finding a niche to work in. They may have more resources than you realize.
3. Create a portfolio. Even if you never have any published work, you can still write, right? Write to fill your portfolio. Then, when a prospective employment opportunity arises, you’ll have something to provide in the way of samples.
4. Look online. Vast amounts of freelance writing jobs are offered there. If the work can be submitted online, why not look worldwide? Try doing a websearch for “freelance writing jobs”.
5. Keeping striving to meet the needs of your clients 100%. When you make them happy, they will come back with other jobs for you. And, they will provide you with testimonials and referrals as well.
All of these things can work for you when you allow them to. You need to provide yourself with all the tools you need. Most importantly, this is writing. You must be able to meet your client’s needs and therefore will need to present your talents in the right light each time. When you are looking for freelance writing jobs you’ll find them across the world when you look in the right places.

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