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Indian smes carving a niche in namibia

Indian SMEs Carving a Niche in Namibia

Namibia’s economy is characterised by its heavy dependence on mineral export earnings. One of the leading exporters of diamonds in the world, Namibia is also the fifth largest uranium producer. According to the World Economic Forum, Namibia is one of the top five competitive economies in Africa.

India maintains cordial trade relations with Namibia. India exports pharmaceuticals, transport equipment, fine chemicals, rubber, ferrous and non ferrous metals and cotton to Namibia. Alternately, Namibia exports pearls, metal ores, raw hides and skin to India.

Advantage Namibia

Over the years, this African country has implemented some important policies to promote bilateral trade and investment with India. Indian SMEs eyeing expansion abroad have thus found an attractive market for growth and expansion in Namibia. The strategic location of the country makes it an ideal gateway to the thriving South African market.

Namibia’s business-friendly environment has attracted several foreign investors from across the world. Its Foreign Investment Act of 1993 provides equal opportunities of growth for foreign investors. The country also provides tax benefits and special incentives to promote foreign investment.

Sectors of growth

Prospective sectors for trade and investment in Namibia include gems and jewellery, leather, textiles, energy and telecommunications.

Namibia’s burgeoning tourism industry is also an ideal segment for Investment Guide. In recent times, Namibia has become a popular tourist destination in Africa. The government of Namibia is thus focusing on upgrading its infrastructure to boost tourist inflows. Indian SME in the hospitality segment can make inroads into the industry by catering to the increasing demand for luxury hotels, spas and resorts in the country.

To increase economic cooperation between the two countries, the Indian government has initiated its ‘Focus Africa’ policy. It has also announced financial aid for Namibia through the recently formed association – New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).

The Indian government is also considering setting up SME clusters in Namibia to provide an impetus to Indian SMEs targeting Namibia for trade and investment. With total trade between India and Namibia growing at around 63% per annum1, Indian SMEs can look at making a mark in this African country in the near term.

1 Ministry of Commerce, Government of India

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Keep an eye on your delivery to be assured it arrives on time

Keep An Eye On Your Delivery To Be Assured It Arrives On Time

Sending a parcel used to be a slightly tense time for some people, the thought of an important parcel or gift being lost in the mail could have meant many people choose not to use the mail and made the journey themselves instead. A lot of trust was placed in whoever was delivering your parcel in the hope that it wasn’t harmed or delayed in any way. Sometimes this may have felt misplaced as mail strikes significantly delay people’s important deliveries.

Fortunately, now there are services such as couriers and dedicated parcel delivery firms that are using modern technology to provide added reassurance to hopefully quell these concerns and worries over sending parcels of any value. These companies are not only using a quicker service for the customer but a more accountable one where each parcel is tracked and reported online so you, the sender as well as your intended receiver is able to check the progress of the delivery.

When your parcel is collected it will be fitted with a label containing a barcode, this barcode is then scanned at every point during the delivery process: when it arrives at the sorting office, when it is loaded onto an aircraft and when it is out for delivery to the receiver too.

Whilst the parcel is in transit you will often be given a tracking code that you can enter on the courier’s website to find out where your parcel is. This is a good way to reassure any worries over parcels being delivered on time as well as letting your recipient know the tracking information for their reassurance too.

Upon delivery these couriers will ensure a signature is received whether it is the intended recipient or a neighbour, this way you know that the delivery has been completed successfully and that your item has arrived at its destination.

A side benefit of this is that in the unlikely event of any delay that was not the fault of either sender or receiver then you have evidence of the courier failing to meet its obligations and could even be refunded your shipping costs if they have been delayed or not delivered on time.

It’s important that you keep an eye on any important delivery as well as ensuring that there is some form of tracking information which you can use to make sure it is delivered on time. At the very least you should choose a service that requires a signature to ensure your parcel has arrived and not been left somewhere.

There are plenty of worldwide parcel delivery as well as overnight delivery services that can handle any important parcel delivery you may have

How to take on the plane when you’re traveling

How to take on the Plane when you’re traveling!

Many people, especially those who haven’t traveled a lot, are unaware that there are some very handy items and tips that can make your trip easier and less stressful. There are a number of things that can help relieve boredom and even ensure that your flight is enjoyable as possible.
Number one, take a large bottle of water. This cannot be stressed enough. Dehydration while you’re traveling is common, and since you only get a drink once or twice on your flight, there will be times when you are more than grateful for that water.
Take snacks that are non-perishable, or even take a small cooler on the plane with you if your trip isn’t too long. If you have any blood sugar issues, snacks are a must and there are many healthy ones that are available, like various nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, etc.
Don’t count on stopping for food or personal items at the airport. Many times, flights take an unexpected turn and you have to be prepared that you may not have time to grab it. If you think you need something, pack it before you get to the airport, then do a mental check. You can grab anything else you need at the airport before you board.
Take a nice, big fluffy jacket that will keep you warm and serve as a nice pillow. Better yet, pack a small throw. There are also things like travel pillows and other items that make your trip as comfortable as possible.
Take wipes. These can serve as a quick refresher and keep your hands and face clean and germ free. There are wipes available for both hands and face, so be sure to check them out.
Earplugs! These are a must if you are on a long flight, or even a short one. They can block screaming children, crying babies, and everything in between. Foam earplugs are the best choice as you can still block the noise but hear landing instructions in case of an emergency or connecting flight changes.
Get a sleeping mask. This cannot be emphasized enough. A good sleeping mask can make all the difference when you need some good shut-eye on the plane. The mask blocks out light, so that your neighbor can read without annoying you or disrupting your sleep. If you travel first class, many times they supply these items, but you’re better off making sure you have them before you get on the plane.

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