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How to generate insane traffic to your blog– a simple formula

How to Generate Insane Traffic To Your Blog– A Simple Formula

Here is an overview of the steps you can take if you want to drive some SERIOUS traffic to your blog:

1. Do keyword research– I recommend getting acquainted with the Google Keyword Tool. Try to find long tail keywords that are not very competitive yet still get good a search volume of over 1,000 per month.

2. Do on page search engine optimization by putting that exact keyword phrase in:

* the permalink of your blog post
* the title of your blog post
* the content of your blog post
* the title and metatag description of your blog post (use the all in one SEO pack plug in for this)

3. keyword phrase.

4. Use the Onlywire plugin in wordpress to automatically submit your blog post to over 20 social bookmarking sites like Delicious and Mixx

5. Distribute your blog post to the top online article directories and create backlinks directly to your post. I personally use an article submission softare to do this,which gives me 2-300 backlinks to my blog every single time I spin an article through it. Truly a powerful piece of software.

6. Now, using that exact same keyword phrase, build a squidoo lens.

7. Repeat this process as a hub page.

8. For fast distribution through all of your social media sites, use ping.fm.

9. Rinse and repeat every day for the next 75 days. Do not miss a day. Posting every day is the secret to make this work.
This may take a few hours the first time you do it. Once it becomes routine, you can go through each step in about 90 minutes. Or you can outsource all or most of it.

I absolutely love this marketing strategy because it integrates so many pieces of the online marketing puzzle. Ever notice how easy it is to just feel completely overwhelmed by all the steps you need to take to get online exposure?

This formula streamlines so many of the most effective internet marketing strategies available today. Very few of your competitors will ever commit to a porcess like this–that’s just the way it is. Can you put in 2 hours a day to become financially free? After all, this is the start of your online success. You need to outsource this if you really don’t have 2 hours a day. If you don’t have time OR money to invest in this process, then you are NOT a good candidate for online marketing in general and you should just stick with your day job.
I hope you see how this can keep you organized. If you’re ever scattered about what to do, just follow this formula. This formula is the most comprehensive and effective method I have yet to discover to generate traffic.
Now, get out there and take action!

How to choose a commercial cleaning service

How To Choose A Commercial Cleaning Service

It you are responsible for maintaining a large establishment or own a large building, then the need to have to building cleaned everyday is vital and provides excellent standards of health and safety practices. Places like retail areas, large offices, colleges, universities and schools always need proper cleaning and a commercial or office cleaning service can provide just that. Such services can provide you a hassle free solution to all your cleaning needs. Not only will a contractor cleaning service lighten up your day-to-day responsibilities, but they are more efficient and thorough with their work since this is what they do all day, every day. Steps to hiring a cleaning firm The process of choosing which cleaning firm to take can be quite difficult and draining – how do you know which is best value and which cleaners will do a good job? It is essential that you hire the right cleaner otherwise your reputation could be at stake. There are many issues that you must consider when choosing a commercial cleaning business. First, you must do some research to find the most professional cleaning service providers. You can ask other peer establishments, like other retail parks or other schools, who are hiring their cleaning work. Ask them for their opinion and experience with their current provider. This little task will give you an idea about what you can expect from the business and will stand you in good stead when stating what needs to be completed. State if you want cleaning with detail to such items like window fan blades, computer screens, vertical blinds, light bulbs and desks. If they say that is acceptable, then this shows responsibility and care from the cleaning company when they strive to make sure your property shines and is free from dust and germs. Second, invite the cleaning service contractors to meetings who you think can handle your cleaning requirements. Space out the meetings so that you get time to consider and think after each meeting. Meet face to face with the representatives and invite them to make a proposal. Listen to them intently and talk to them about your plan. Ask for explanations on the information they have provided, and ask them about their other contracts as well as their references. While you are listening to the agency, make a note of how the situation is making your feel. You have to make sure that you are happy with the entire proposal and you also need to be comfortable with the people running the company. If you have a gut feeling that the proposal is not correct for your specific situation, you must carefully consider what kind of a commitment you’re about to make. Before you make a firm decision, make sure that you are getting all the services that your space requires. It is always a good idea to go with the proposal that offers a complete package. While you are short listing companies, run background checks on them, call their references and ensure that they are reliable and well-reputed firms. It is advised to go with a good reputable office cleaning service as they will have a good portfolio and all the experience you require.

How to make money with sfi

How to Make Money With SFI

SFI is perhaps, in my estimation, the best affiliate program I know of that can make you money online long-term. Getting rich quick is just a pipe dream. Anybody that promises you overnight wealth (especially for doing nothing) is a big fat liar! That said, what I do like about SFI is the long-term residual income potential that CAN be realized if you PERSIST and keep on recruiting and helping your team grow with the business. In this article I want to share a couple of useful tips I have picked up along the way. I’m hoping that these little handy insider tips (I wouldn’t call them secrets!) can help motivate existing SFI affiliates into taking that leap into the stratosphere with SFI – like I did – and to those who are still searching for a home-based business opportunity you can work online, well, maybe this can help you decide?

Let’s face it, there are markets out there that are tough to crack. The reasons can be anywhere from widespread skepticism in all things MLM; or just a prevailing lack of hunger to come out of the gutter. I don’t know. But people build barriers around themselves sometimes – as a safety mechanism. My first port of call – if I were to advise you on this, is to take a close look at your geographical location and to gauge its receptiveness to this opportunity. In this case, SFI. There are, of course, a myriad of ways you can do this, but my absolute favorite is running classified ads in local newspapers. Believe me when I tell you, I have recruited THOUSANDS of new affiliates off the newspapers. And this is coming from a man with 10 years experience in online marketing, and yet I still prospect the old fashioned way. Old is gold as they say. And if you’re not making any headway, consider looking abroad. Yes! You heard that right. Find newspapers abroad, write to them with a sample of your ad and ask for a quote. It really is that easy. Thanks to the Internet!

SFI Marketing Group provide you other offline promotional tools like calling cards, flyers, postcards, business cards and so forth. If you want to do the rounds prospecting offline (and online), there’s everything you need in your SFI back office. And here’s another pointer: stay in touch with the people you recruit into the business. SFI gives you Contact Manager facilities with which to reach your entire downline through their built-in genealogy communication system. I use this at least once every single week to disseminate information and to assist and keep my downline motivated. Blogs are great; forums are great; but I’ve found creating mini eBooks (5 to 10 pages long) on PDF using OpenOffice to be extremely effective… because you can isolate the information under different topics / headlines to help them focus on a particular project or idea you have in mind for growing their business; and eBooks are so easy to pass on. You can go viral very quickly with this strategy. I simply love it!

Any online network marketing business can grow exponentially with a little determination, persistence and tenacity. You can’t go wrong if you really want it to happen and especially when you think outside the box and do your best to help others on your team succeed with the program. What I’ve covered in this article was specifically geared to SFI but the same principals and ideas can be applied to any other network marketing program. Just allow yourself to drift into your creative zone without fear of failure or retribution. I’m sure you will, eventually, find what works for you, and when you duplicate that, your entire team stands to benefit… and your bottom line, of course.

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