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How to start a business with no overheads

How to Start a Business With No Overheads!

When looking to start you own business you are faced with hundreds of options like the name of the company, do I need premises, will or how many staff will I need, how much shall I borrow from the bank?

But many, many people that start their own businesses do so, so that they can be the boss and spend more time with their family and friends or just doing the things they love. When in reality starting your own business needs hundreds and hundreds of hours putting in to get your venture off the ground. Not to mention to steadily increasing loans from the bank to fund you business. This all adds to the stress of running your own business. I’m not for one minute saying that starting your own business isn’t fun and exciting but it doesn’t always give the entrepreneur what they are looking for which is generally time and money!

Unless they eliminate the stress and worry of the overheads which are causing the problems that is.

So how do you do that?

Well today’s businesses can be run entirely on the internet this dramatically reduces the overheads you have which in turn increases your profit, it’s a win, win situation. Now if you have a product to sell on-line that’s great, but what if you haven’t well that’s fine also.

In fact you don’t even need a web site any more, there’s another overhead gone! One way that a lot of people are making thousands per month on line is Affiliate Marketing and it’s fantastic. How it works is that you register with an affiliate program and you direct web traffic to a sellers web site and for every purchase that is made you get a commission that can be up to 75%. The average is generally 50%, which is still great!

So what you do in order to get the traffic to the web sites? You need to put some ads in ad words and push the traffic to your affiliate product. Obviously there are hundreds of ways to get the traffic to you site and some of them are even free. For instance one affiliate product I was promoting and made £1367 in 5 days and I did this without spending a penny! But Goggle Ad Words seems to be the fastest way and peoples preferred method, and the one that generates more traffic to web sites or so I thought. Untill I discovered a web site the not only unlocked hundreds of secrets about how else to promote on the web but shows you in step-by-step video tutorials. One Affiliate is making £8,230.46 per month and he has only been using this system for 3 months. This has taken my way of marketing and my income to a whole new level one which I personally would not have been able to do if I had not found www.IEmployMe.com.

This website has change my life and I hope it can change yours!

How to open a hotel business – lessons learned from hilton and ritz

How to Open a Hotel Business – Lessons Learned From Hilton and Ritz

When starting a hotel business consider the life and lessons of some of the greatest hoteliers as a source of inspiration. Here are a couple of lessons culled from the lives of two of the most successful hotel entrepreneurs, Conrad Hilton and Cesar Ritz.  

Conrad Hilton  

Hilton, born on Christmas Day, 1887, began his career in the legislature of New Mexico, his home state. He served in World War I and started his first inn in New Mexico. He subsequently began buying and starting hotels throughout Texas. Hilton’s hotel empire survived losses in the Great Depression and went international after World War II. Hilton was associated with generous charitable giving, but was a shrewd businessman.  

Hilton is quoted as giving an extremely practical piece of advice to hoteliers: “If you are 100% occupied, you are not charging enough rent.” This statement runs against the intuition of a new hotel owner to focus on renting every possible room on every possible night because a room that goes unrented will mean revenue lost forever.   Hilton recognized that if you reach that point of 100% occupancy, you are actually losing money. Additional guests are being turned away and the guests in your rooms would have been willing to pay more. Take his advice and seek to maximize revenue per available room and not the occupancy rate of your hotel. Make sure you are spending as much time or resources thinking about pricing as you are about booking guests. Yield management systems with careful monitoring can assist with this.  

Cesar Ritz  

Ritz was born in the Goms Valley in Switzerland in 1850, the son of a mountain farmer. He learned the hospitality industry from the bottom up, first waitering at a luxury hotel while in his 20s. He went on to become the restaurant-manager of a hotel and built a reputation as having a knack for entertaining kings and diplomats. He bought and opened numerous hotels before his crowning achievement, the Hotel Ritz Paris.   Cesar Ritz opened the Hotel Ritz Paris in 1898 with a celebration.

Isn’t the opening of your hotel worthy of celebration? Your hotel may not be as ostentatious as the Hotel Ritz, but it will have an important impact for both the staff you employ and the community it will become part of. Hotels build the capacity of a community for tourism and business and can have an extremely positive economic impact. Find a way to celebrate this opening to build relationships for the future. Use the opportunity to invite members of local government, the tourism board, partnering and neighboring businesses, and even other hotels (if they are ever booked up on a given night, wouldn’t you like them to refer their customers to your hotel?) so that they can all learn about the services your hotel will offer and see the kind of hospitality your hotel will offer first-hand.

Is there a benefit to buying the tweetattacks program

Is There a Benefit to Buying the TweetAttacks Program?

TweetAttacks is a relatively new program launched as a way to assist affiliate marketers with their Twitter marketing and promotional efforts. Affiliate marketers are only beginning to understand exactly how a service like Twitter can help them with their marketing efforts. Perhaps one reason why affiliate marketers have been reluctant to promote their products on Twitter is that marketing via this service can sometimes be challenging. After all, the only people able to see your tweets are your followers. If you plan to use Twitter for your promotions, you’ll need to overcome the hurdle of finding ways to attract plenty of followers. so will buing the TweetAttacks program be the right solution for you?

One of the nicer aspects of TweetAttacks, different from other similar apps, is you’re not looking at a monthly charge. You buy it once and nothing more. Also, any upgrades that occur you’ll get, any troubles you may have down the road, they’ll help – total coolness. As you may know, there are other software Twitter apps out there, but most of them require a monthly fee just to keep your account active and be able to use it.

So, easy… TweetAttacks will save you money while you can make it, plus save you time as well.

For the purposes of getting traffic and promoting 2 or more products, getting more than one Twitter account is smart for the affiliate that does not want to get the title of “spammer.” Quite naturally it is harder to maintain more than one Twitter account. With TweetAttacks you can manage and track multiple accounts with just a few clicks of your mouse. You’ll be able to determine the performance and success of all of your accounts. Twitte opertation scar today!

One of the challenges for affiliate marketers wanting to use Twitter is trying to keep your feed updated regularly with new posts about your various products. Twitter offers marketers a way to reach people 24/7. Trying to update every hour would annoy people, but once or twice per day should suffice. Of course, trying to do this manually is almost impossible. However, using TweetAttacks program’s auto poster can let you schedule tweets in advance. This leaves you with more free time.

Twitter is an awesome implement and the best part is you don’t pay anything for it. There are lots of affiliate marketers who are taking to it as a promotional tool for what they’re offering. Of course, using Twitter as a promotional tool can be incredibly time consuming. If you can’t find a means of automating some of your duties on Twitter, you almost have to tether yourself to your laptop. You’ll find all that in TweetAttacks. It’s cheap, it helps save time and it’s greatly recommended. Operation SCAR is highly recommended by twitterme.