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How to bind documents with plastic comb binding

How To Bind Documents With Plastic Comb Binding

Nearly every week, I receive a phone call or an email from someone asking me to describe to them how to use a comb binding machine. Comb binding has been the most popular binding style for decades and there are literally millions of comb binding machines in use around the world. However, if you have never used a comb binding machine it can seem a little bit intimidating. These instructions are designed to help even the most untrained user figure out how to bind documents with plastic combs. Here are five simple steps to follow…

1. The first step to binding documents using plastic binding combs is to prepare your document. If you are going to use binding covers on the front and the back of your document you should assemble it with the covers. You will find that your punch will be more effective if you punch the covers as part of the book instead of by themselves (if you are using oversize covers you will need to punch them by themselves since they are not the same size as the pages from your document). After you have assembled your document you need to measure your book so that you can choose the correct size of binding comb for your presentation. In order to choose the correct size of binding comb just measure the thickness of the document (do not compress the pages) and add 1/8″ to allow your pages to move freely.

2. The second step to binding your documents with plastic combs is to set up your binding punch. Setting up your punch really isn’t that hard. However, you will need a few pieces of blank paper for testing your machine. You will notice that the binding table on your machine should have a paper guide to help you insert the paper so that the holes will be centered on the page. Most machines will have a marking on the binding table for the most common sizes of paper. This marking is a starting point to getting your machine set up. Simply move the paper guide to the correct marking, insert a sheet of paper into the punching slot and pull the punching handle on the side of the machine (or press the punching button if your machine is electric). Take the piece of punched paper and fold it in half to check and see if the holes line up. If they do line up you are ready to punch your documents, if they don’t you will need to move the paper guide and punch another piece of paper until you get the document set up.

3. After your machine is set up, you are ready to punch your document. For best results, it is important that you separate your books into small sections or lifts. To prolong the life of your punch you should not try to punch the maximum capacity of your punch with every lift. By punching smaller lifts you can prevent paper jams and actually increase your productivity. As you punch the sections of your document simply stack them up beside the punch so that they are ready to have the plastic combs added to them. It is often helpful to offset stack the documents to make them easier to pick up during when you insert the pages onto the comb. If your binding covers are oversized you will need to punch them seperately from the document. However, it is important to remember not to punch more than 2 plastic or poly covers per lift or you might damage your punch.

4. After all of the punching is done, you are finally ready to add the plastic combs and finish your books. Putting the binding spines onto the books is really not hard. First, take the comb out of the box and place it on the comb opener (the metal teeth that stick up along the top of the back of the machine). The wide back of the combs will lay flat against the teeth from the comb opener and the rings of the comb stick through the gaps in the teeth. After making sure that the fingers of the comb are facing up and not down you simply pull the handle to open the fingers of plastic binding comb. All that is left is to put the pages of your document onto the fingers of the comb. If your document is small you can probably do it in one step. However, with larger books you will want to split your document into sections as you place the pages on the fingers of the comb. After all of the pages are inserted onto the comb, you will need to push or pull the handle for the comb opener back into its original position allowing the plastic comb to close. Now all that is left is to lift the document off the binding machine and start on the next document.

Binding documents with a plastic comb binding machine really isn’t that tough but it can take some practice. However, after you have bound a few documents you are sure to get the hang of it and you will find that you will get faster and faster at it. Try binding some documents today and check it out for yourself.

Importance of pdf conversion

Importance of PDF Conversion

Have you face the problem of improper formatting of document you received as an attachment? I think you surly face the problem!! You created the document with proper formatting and send it to someone. They open the document and say that make proper formatting first!! This type of errors may harm your business reputation and yield.

PDF, short form of Portable Document Format, can solve your problem. It is the format that enables you to send file across any computer without changing look. Some benefits of Having PDF with You are:

• You can store it in very small space.

• You can publish the document with same formatting and look across any computer and any operating system.

• You can enlarge the pdf document up to 1600% with loosing quality.

• The delivery of pdf document is faster in comparison of common document because of small size.

So the PDF is one of the good formats from various available till date. Why not to convert document into pdf? PDF conversion surly helps you to fetch the data easily. There are various types of pdf conversion available. Some of them are mentioned under:

• Word to PDF

• Paper to PDF

• Image to PDF

• Microfiche to PDF

• Tiff to PDF

• Microfilm to PDF

There are various tools available for free online pdf conversion but they operate fixed amount of conversion. Most of the online conversion service, convert only common file format like doc, xls and some other. They can’t able to convert microfiche file to pdf, for this you can give your data to some company who converts you information into the pdf. If you have large amount of data and want to convert, hiring a pdf conversion service provider is best option.

This type of pdf conversion service helps you to save your money up to 60%. They can also deliver fast and accurate conversion because they are having skilled staff for pdf conversion.

In this speedy growing world where each small thing does matter to grow higher and higher, this small conversion can helps you to build good reputation. Ultimately your business gain more than your competitors.

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How do we learn management with desktop wallpapers

How do we Learn Management with Desktop Wallpapers!

Learning over the ages has undergone many changes. In recent years many rapid changes have taken place, from classroom teaching to online education. Could you ever think that management could be taught with the help of Desktop wallpapers? Here is how it is being done now days.

Learning – Let us look at learning. How do we learn? By reading, reflecting and thinking and then remembering what we have been taught. Mere remembering will not be sufficient because unless we reflect and think, we do not get the meaning of the message.

How do we learn? How do we reflect? We reflect by thinking about something over a period of time. That is why students look at their textbooks from time to time. At this stage of learning, desktop wallpapers play a big role in teaching. Management sciences can be taught with small headings, quotes and messages. If you wish to learn management with the help of desktop wallpapers, download them on your desktop. The text will always be in front of you. As the text is on the right side of the wallpaper, it will not clutter your screen.

Desktop wallpapers and learning – As the text always remains on the screen, the eyes take the information both consciously and unconsciously. Our mind keeps pondering over what is written and i estimate that it should take about two days for an average student to learn the lesson. Download few desktop types of wallpaper and find out your own speed of learning. This learning has many benefits. It is free. It is effortless. You do not have to devote extra time to it. It is easy.