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Impact of global economic crisis on consumer attitudes & behaviors in netherlands

Impact of Global Economic Crisis On Consumer Attitudes & Behaviors In Netherlands

Global Economic Crisis: The Impact On Consumer Attitudes & Behaviors In The Netherlands report ( http://www.bharatbook.com/Market-Research-Reports/Global-Economic-Crisis-The-Impact-On-Consumer-Attitudes-Behaviors-In-The-Netherlands.html ) shows that in April 2009, more than three quarters of Dutch consumers perceived they were living in a recession. This is indicative of the ‘recessionary mindset’ influencing consumer behavior. Symptomatic of falling consumer confidence is the fact that more than 25% of Dutch consumers experienced falling job security and diminishing confidence in the housing market in 2008-09

Less than one-third of Dutch consumers felt that their lifestyle has been impacted by the recession. Suddenly, they have been forced to re-evaluate their spending, including where they do their grocery shopping as well as their in-store choices. Nevertheless, they remain comparatively content and confident in their purchasing power

Half of Dutch shoppers are also ‘frequent buyers’ of private label products to save money. Many are now likely to consider private label products to be on a par, if not better than market leading brands, although this mentality does differ depending on product category

No doubt influenced by the price war in grocery retailing over the last decade, for 51% of Dutch shoppers, lower prices have a high amount of influence over where people do their most of their grocery shopping. Nevertheless, the quality of products sold has more influence over their (changeable) grocery shopping destinations

Scope of this research

  • Detailed analysis documenting Dutch consumers’ ‘recessionary mindset’ and how this influences perceptions about current and future prospects
  • Insights highlighting how the economic downturn has affected perceived quality of life, emotional wellbeing and financial security in the Netherlands
  • In-depth analysis of Dutch shoppers’ changing price sensitivity, value consciousness and attitudes towards private label across 4 major FMCG sectors
  • Countries and categories covered: the Netherlands; food and non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, personal care and household care

Key reasons to purchase this research

  • Gain a detailed understanding of changing consumer attitudes and behaviors amid the downturn in order to determine appropriate recessionary strategies
  • Obtain country and sector specific insight about pertinent recessionary themes such as private label and Dutch consumers’ value consciousness
  • Assist consumer segmentation and targeting efforts by accessing data from two waves of primary research conducted in August 2008 and April 2009

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How to set up your slatwall display stands to sell your merchandise

How To Set Up Your Slatwall Display Stands To Sell Your Merchandise

There’s really a big difference with how the business players have strategized their tactics before and now. The trading industry has easily become aggressive in terms of marketing. The times have gone when store vendors can easily place their merchandise the way they want. As consumers simply become well-informed when it comes to picking their products, most processes have turned higher already. Planning on how to promote your products should not be as complicated as it seems. You can use your slatwall display merchandise to promote your products in your shop.

If the merchandise to be promoted are not always in season, the slatwall rack should only be passing therefore you can see displays that are easily moved without any hassle. But for lasting retail racks, the displays must be very sturdy enough to place all the goods for a while. Knowing these situations will assist you to pick on what slatwall display to put up.

When your goods are big and frail, make sure that your retail slat wall fixture merchandise are sturdy enough to hold them. Display racks are usually the main stands that hold the merchandise. Customers have made numerous customs of displaying products. This is through the use of slat wall displays that aid in ensuring merchandise awareness when people stop by your establishment. You don’t want to be placing an oversized slat wall fixture racks as permanent fixtures in a small space. Because your goods may become tiny when put amid big stands or your high slat wall stands may look very flashy when shoved in between shoulder-level display units.

Occupying space in a retail floor location definitely means added budget to the manufacturers. Area Management is the solution to this issue. Appropriate and careful space management will diminish other needless costs. Be certain that all details of your fixtures are carefully accounted for. Ensure that you compute the weight that you will be arranging on your slatwall racks. A stand can only have a minimum weight in a particular period.

With cautious area planning, you can calculate how many products that can be accommodated in one stand. Since slatwall fixture stands are normally set in very minimal areas, the goods that are displayed should fit appropriately.

There are numerous strategies to promote your products. You can look for tactics to recreate them with the use of great slatwall stands that should help market your business.

If you own your own website, the chances are you are looking for a quality traffic software script that will generate lots of targeted traffic for your pages

increase website traffic targeted

If you own your own website, the chances are you are looking for a quality traffic software script that will generate lots of targeted traffic for your pages. Believe it or not, getting traffic is not as difficult as you would imagine if you can generate enough quality back links to improve your Google ranking position. Obviously the higher you rank for your chosen keywords then the more traffic you will generate.

The most important thing about your back links as far as Google is concerned, is that the links come from a credible source. For example, links coming from a Google friendly information website will carry much more weight than links from a web directory, which is simply a catalogue of back links, and these links will typically be reciprocal links.

Backlinks are used in a means to generate more traffic to a particular website. People have come to find out that the more backlinks that you have on your site, the better traffic you can expect to obtain. More traffic equals out to more revenue in your pocket.

There is one piece of traffic software that has been designed to get back links to your website simply by submitting RSS feeds to quality RSS aggregator sites. The software to which I am referring is called The Web Traffic Genius and the program works almost completely on autopilot. Once you have set up the traffic software script, you can sit back and let the links build each time you make a post on your blog or launch a new page on your website.

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As you are probably aware, Google ranks all web pages 0 – 10 and this ‘score’ demonstrates how important Google sees that particular page. It is crucial then that the back links that you create to your website are coming from web pages that Google consider to be important in terms of their ranking score, and any back links that you obtain that are of a lower page rank than that of your own website can actually do more harm than good, which is where The Web Traffic Genius comes into its own.

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If you are serious about your website, and its future success, the most important thing you should consider is ensuring that each of your web pages reach page one of the Google Search Engine, for all of your chosen keywords. Now that is easy to say but much harder to actually achieve. The Web Traffic Genius software makes this all possible for you, and in the shortest possible time.

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