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Law of attraction: creating your own experience

Law of Attraction: Creating Your Own Experience

Many people stumble when the topic is about love and its laws of attraction. This is because love and attraction are both complex ideas. There is usually more than one person involved and more than one emotion that may be felt. Even though love and attraction are undeniably complicated ideas, people still find ways to love over and over again. These experiences, no matter how fortunate or unfortunate, happen for a reason and are something to be thankful for. This is because experiences always teach a lesson or two.

To get a better understanding of how creating and having experiences help a person, reading self-help eBooks will help do the trick. Barry Bechta, an author, artist and filmmaker, introduces I AM Creating My Own Experience – The Creation Vibration. This is Barry’s second eBook especially written to help people understand experiences on a new perspective.

Ebooks help people remain positive by believing that God is good and creating one’s own experience is part of a happier life. When it comes to the laws of attraction and creation of one’s own experience, reading self-help eBooks becomes a great choice.

• Ebooks are free and abundant
Due to the advancement of technology, eBooks can be called abundance books for its rapidly increasing numbers. Since the medium used is the Internet, the cost for the production and distribution is minimal. Hence, most of the eBooks found online are for free. In a single click, one can get a copy of an eBook.

• Ebooks aid in the spiritual growth and guidance of the reader.
Motivational eBooks, which are mostly about relationships and emotions, provide the eBook reader spiritual growth. The main idea that motivational eBooks send to the readers is that God is good. They explain thoroughly how much unconditional love God has given. Aside from spiritual growth, eBooks also provide spiritual guidance.

• Written by people who had been there and emerged triumphant from it.

People who experience a painful heartache and found their way to move on write eBooks to help other people. Just by the fact that it is written by people who share almost the same experience as the eBook reader, one can be assured that the advice provided is effective.

• Ebooks can show the road to healing.
Healing is one path that is difficult to find after one has experienced an ill-fated relationship. Ebooks make it easier for the eBook reader to find such a road. Aside from giving out practical advice, other healing techniques such as meditation, Reiki healing, crystal healing, energy healing, panic healing and sound healing.

There are many other reasons why self-help eBooks are preferred today. Aside from the fact that it is free and abundant, eBooks aid in the spiritual growth and guidance of the eBook reader. Also, since most of the eBooks are written by those who have experienced the same experience as the reader, it can suggest a way or technique to move on and heal. With self help eBooks, one can be properly guided of the creation of one’s own experience. Every experience becomes more meaningful and personal. Every detail becomes more appreciated and much more understood.

How to come up with a successful business plan:


Once you have decided to open a business, the very first thing is to create a business plan, which acts as a road map of success. Writing the business plan is a time consuming and challenging task, which requires sharp writing and researching skills no matter you are writing it for yourself or for investors. Due to less time and poor writing skills, many entrepreneurs feel hectic in writing the business plan by themselves.
A business plan is a document that tells you where you are and where you want to go. Therefore, it is necessary that it contain only relevant information regarding your business. If you add too much irrelevant material, you will be unable to impress potential investors and lenders. In this article, you will look how to format your business plan that will lead your business towards success and generate enthusiasm and excitement about the business. For writing the successful business plan, it is necessary that you must have clear understanding about your business, target market, customer, and competitors.
Following are few guidelines that will tell you how to come up with a successful business plan:
WHERE TO START: A business plan is an essential document that helps you to generate funds and to run your business in a more effective and successful way. Concentrate on your goals, the strategies you adopt in achieving those goals, describe your business and make your financial assumption in start. Make sure all the information is realistic otherwise; it will ruin your business.
PRE-PLAN PLANNING: Business plans are of different kinds written for different purposes. Before start writing anything, think for whom you are writing it. If you are writing for investors and lenders, remember to add only what they want. Keep it short, simple, and creative; avoid adding too technical terms. An ideal business plan is not more than 20 to 30 pages. The shorter it is the more it will attract the investors.
PLAN ELEMENTS: Your business plan must include information that falls within these categories: Business overview, the product or services, Market analysis, financial projection and your Management team. This business plan outline entirely depends on your business you can make changes in this outline according to your business requirements.
Above are the few guidelines that help you to come up with a successful business plan. Follow the above guidelines if you want to write a good and high-quality business plan.

Language localization vs translation

Language Localization VS Translation

“Localization” is a very strange word to quite a few of people today. However, localization is influencing our global village and economy all the time and this element has already been the key to our international business success. Have you ever thought why Google couldn’t defeat Baidu in China? The language constraint. Could pure translation work make our products or services accept by our intended market? The answer is “far from enough”. Localizing what we want to do business plays an important role in our business expansion and prosperity.

What is localization?

According to different definitions given by different websites/dictionaries like Wikipedia and Wisegeek, localization refers to the process of adapting a product or a service to the target country’s market. The localization process includes translation, but it is far more than a mere “translation”. It also takes geographic factors, product names, local color sensitivities, currency and many more of the destination market into account.

For example, if you want to make your website be accepted by your intended market, other basics you need to do besides website translation include:

* Website structure localization

* Website content localization like multimedia localization, webcasting, etc.

* Website style localization

* Website SEO

* More…

Is mere translation company capable of offering all of those website localization services? Definitely not. Only localization companies with rich experience, powerful supporting team, native linguists world-wide and special know-how could achieve, for example, Golden View.

If the localization has been successfully implemented, it will make your product or service be treated as the product or service produced in their country by people in your destination country. So the sale of business would rise.

What is the difference between language localization and translation?

“High-tech translation” is what many people always think about “localization”. These people neglect the complexity, importance and other aspects of this special language service. In addition to strict translation process, localization services help improve significant, non-textual components of products or services like physical structure of a product and proper forms of time and date. So the localized products or services not only have the look of the local products or services in the destination country, but also delivers a local feel and suits local culture.