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How to develop a holiday cookie assembly line

How To Develop A Holiday Cookie Assembly Line

Use these ideas for the next holiday party your child has at school.

1. Figure out how many people will be attending the holiday party and make or buy plain cupcakes or cookies so each person has one or two. Make sure you allow for extras in case of those unfortunate accidents.

2. Pick up a couple of different kinds of frosting, a mixture of sprinkles, mini M & Ms, mini chocolate chips, toffee pieces and some nuts. Pick out the ones you want for the cupcakes or cookies you will be decorating.

3. Make sure you have containers for knives, paper towels, toppings, waxed paper and a paper plate for each child participating.

4. Use a cupcake or holiday cookie menu for every child. Make sure there is place for each child’s name. Every child should mark the appropriate box for the kind of sprinkles and frosting they would like. Collect the menus after the children have filled them out.

5. Decide who the holiday foreperson is going to be. Being in charge of the holiday decorating crews, job assignments and quality control is the job description. Being able to work well with other children is very important for the holiday foreperson.

6. Put children in group of four to five. Explain to them they will either be filling the cupcake menu or holiday cookie requests after you introduce them to their holiday foreperson. Make an example of one completed cookie or cupcake to show them.

7. Four or five Menus should be completed by the first group. Give each child a specific job, a kind of frosting or sprinkles or topping to put on. Make sure each child understands their job and how important it is to listen to the foreperson and work as a team.

8. Making sure the assigned menus are completed and each child does their job is what the foreperson is responsible for. The foreperson needs to make sure they are being kind and encouraging but firm at the same time. Show them how to be a positive role-model.

9. The group that is waiting to decorate their cookies or cupcakes should participate in an activity such as a crossword puzzle or a game. Make sure everyone is having a good time and staying busy.

10. Take every child’s menu and pass around the cupcakes or cookies when all of the holiday treats have been frosted and sprinkled. It is great to see if each child actually gets the treat they ordered. Tell the children what a good job they did.

The holiday cookie or cupcake assembly line can work with almost any holiday party and it is a great learning experience for children.

How to maintain, clean, and keep your oriental rug looking at its best

How to maintain, clean, and keep your Oriental rug looking at its best

You’ve just bought an Oriental rug and it really ties the room together. Now you probably want your new rug to last years to come. No problem. You just have to follow a few simple instructions in order to make the most out of your rug’s life and durability.

Of course that there are some issues that can not be avoided. Rugs, unlike most of our purchases, are made to be walked on. So the best and first thing to do is to ask your family to remove their shoes while in the house. Most of the dirt and wear of rugs is a direct result of the surprises we carry on our soles (by the way in Persia, nobody keeps their shoes on while inside).

But still, there are guests and pets and kids and food and you don’t really know what the cat’s going to drag in tomorrow.


Although Oriental carpets come from a land of a thousand suns, rugs do not like direct sunlight and they tend to fade out. So just like you do with your mattress, try to rotate the carpet from time to time and prevent wear and color fade from happening in the same areas. Rotating a carpet a couple of times a year can help you maintain the rug’s value and look.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum rugs often, and do it on both sides. Try to use the vacuum nozzle instead of a beater bar and whatever you do – don’t shake them! Shaking Oriental rugs leads to thread and knots damage. When you vacuum, don’t skip areas that are hidden under furniture. Moths love those dark, quiet places and moths’ eggs just love to consume rugs.

Know Rug First Aid

There’s nothing to do about it – sooner or later a glass of wine will spill, coffee will drip, the kid’s soda, and the dog that couldn’t wait… It is very important to master the rules of rug first-aid and act as quickly as humanly possible in order to prevent stains and heavy smells. Before the spill begins to dry, clean the area with a wet paper towel. Then use a mix of water and vinegar if you want to prevent color damage.  

Get a Rug Pad

A rug pad is also recommended and can help prevent slippage, act as a buffer to minimize abrasion and protect your floors. A good quality pad will also provide airflow between your floor and the rug and airflow allows the rug to breathe, which in turn will extend the rug’s life. Rug pads may also prevent the crushing and wearing of pile after heavy use.

Original Oriental rugs can be a smart investment if you keep them in a good shape. Your rug will increase in value, since well maintained rugs are harder and harder to find these days. If you still need help with your rug cleaning or restoration, turn to a professional Oriental rug dealer such as www.1800GeatA Rug.com where you will find experienced importers and wholesalers of beautiful rugs from all over the world.

Whether you are looking for a Persian Antique or Semi-Antique, Fine New Oriental Rugs, 19th century European designs or modern area rugs, log on to www.1800GetARug.com where you will find a unique collection of beautiful handknotted rugs which is always up to date with color and design.

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How to make mega millions

How To Make Mega Millions

People from all generations want to feel a sense of financial security, especially during a recession. While the vast majority of people are running around looking for ways to make money quick, the one’s who create a plan and work their plan end up the most successful.

Two of my favorite quotes by Zig Ziglar…

“If you want great friends, go out and be a great friend.”

“You can have anything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

The following are three proven strategies for making mega millions, regardless of generation:

1. Clarity. What do you want to give/do in order to attain your zillions? Do you want one-hundred and fifty fully paid speaking engagements? How about three websites that produce over a million dollars each? Perhaps it’s both. Or, perhaps you want to work a full-time job, live well below your means and find additional avenues of revenue. Your first step is to get clear about what want and what you’re willing to give in order to receive it.
2. Generosity. Look for ways to help those around you. When you hear your friends/family/colleagues reaching out for help, ask them how you can be of support to them.
3. Choose Abundance. While everyone around you might be saying “the sky is falling,” you choose to focus on your goals, committed to helping others and keeping an abundant mindset. There truly is plenty – it all begins with the way you think.
4. Bonus: Have fun! If you too busy worrying, you can’t live fully. Life is too short…LIVE it!

This is such an awesome conversation to be in – I welcome you to share thoughts, ideas, and strategies on my blog. How are you reaching your millions?

Rock on!

Misti Burmeister