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Key elements of professional book cover design for self-published authors

Key Elements Of Professional Book Cover Design For Self-Published Authors

It takes just a few vital seconds for an editor or reader to decide about whether your self-published book is worth reading or not, so the design of the book cover is incredibly important. If the key opportunity for selling your book exists in one tiny glance, that glance had better be optimized by excellent design elements, wouldn’t you agree?

Publishers want their books to appear unique so that the book is hard to forget. An excellent cover helps to make that happen. An excellent book cover is like the striking pose of a model – stunning and creative.

Finding the Right Graphic Designer

Professionalism and experience as well as expertise are the main qualities you should look for when finding the right graphic designer to do an important task like the one-glimpse-and-it-sells-or-not test cover of your book. You don’t want your self-published book to appear amateurish or homemade. Your graphic designer should have a high level of creativity, skills, the right software, access to stock photography and be knowledgeable about the book printing process to make your book stand out from all the rest.

What Are the Key Elements in Cover Design?

The cover of a book must include all the elements in our list that are applicable. Not all book covers will have flaps.

* Front cover

* Spine

* Back Cover

* Inside Flaps

* ISBN and Bar Code

At a minimum, your front cover should contain the name of the book, its subtitle, and your name. Testimonials and endorsements can also be tastefully used on the front cover. Your front cover should be legible and easily read from a short distance. Use bold, contrasting lettering to make this element work right. On the spine, your name, title and publishing company name or logo should be listed and legible from a distance. On the back cover, you will want the book’s category in the upper left corner to help bookstores shelve it properly. The back cover should have a compelling headline directed to your target book buying audience, a brief description and a few bulleted benefits. Listing a few testimonials from recognized leaders in your field is very helpful. Your picture and bio may appear on the back cover, and these technical points need to appear as well:

* 13 digit ISBN number (buy from R. R. Bowker Co.)

* Price

* Bar code

* Credits for the cover designer and/or illustrator

What Other Important Elements Play a Role in Producing Excellent Book Covers?

Because your self-published book cover is critical for your marketing and branding, it will get you noticed either positively or negatively. Following are more elements that will help you catch the attention of your audience. A knowledgeable graphic designer knows all about these key elements and their proper usage.

* Chose the right font for the book and its audience.

* Don’t use ALL CAPS for headings, subheadings or Table of Contents. They are too difficult to read.

* Eliminate ‘rivers of white’ with proper word spacing.

* Be aware of ‘leading’ – the space between the lines. Font, type size, word spacing and length of line all come into play here.

* Line length should not exceed 65 characters for ease of reading.

* Paper samples for your book cover are available from the printer. 10 point C1S is the standard for soft covers. Ask your book printer for house stock, as it is more affordable.

There is a precise science behind the creation of a successful book cover, as I’m confident you are now aware. Since the cover is such an important tool, being penny wise and pound foolish should be saved for other elements of your successful book publishing and marketing. Let an experienced, skillful graphic designer help you design your self-published book cover. You can use the key points in this article to check for his or her skill level. To your success!

How to stay focussed & build your business…


You have a detailed business plan, which showed the overall intent of your company. You presented the business plan to your bank before start-up and they submitted funding in the amount that you both deemed acceptable. The original business plan contained the basis of the procedures that will help you stay focussed while the company grows. Let’s examine some of these processes that you will use to give your business the focus it needs to grow and succeed.

1. A marketing plan. If sales are a part of your operation (and it seems that some form of selling is always a big part of every company), then, you will need to have your sales group focussed on a marketing plan. Short term and longer-term analysis should be a part of this planning and will likely contain an analysis of your competition, market potential and sales projections. Be careful not to fall into the trap of letting “the business take care of itself”, stay focussed at all times and be sure your managers are tuned into this market monitoring regularly, nothing is more defeating to the general manager/owner than to be told by a sales manager…I didn’t see that coming! YIKES!
2. Accounting procedures. If sales are important, then the need to stay focussed on receiving the proceeds from sales is equally important. Accounts payable, expenses and accounts receivable need to have fixed procedures in place to allow money to flow freely through the company coffers. Focussing on these procedures at regular weekly and monthly meetings will put the accounting and marketing groups on the same path. A rift between marketing and accounting is a common bureaucratic occurrence; so don’t be surprised if one point you hear from someone from sales state, “We make the money here, how come I have to live by their rules?” Getting these two operations to stay focussed on a bottom line results oriented approach is a regular part of an owner’s job description.
3. Human resources. If you have ever worked for a manager, who considered his employees as expenses rather than assets, then you will be familiar with the need for managers to stay focussed on human resources within the company. A manager who is fixated on staff reduction regardless of their accomplishments will create an atmosphere of fear. Certainly, no one wants to be grossly over-staffed, but a good owner/manager will focus on keeping adequate employee base numbers, and ensure continuing training, safety programs and top of the line employee benefits. It’s your campground, why not have “happy campers?”
4. Selling your business. This does not mean selling in the true literal sense. It means focusing on being sure your company image is one that is the envy of your competitors and is known in the business world as a first class operation. You can do this by having key managers attending industry conferences. Be clear and tell them that their focus at these seminars is to network, thoroughly gathering as much new information that they can. They should also ‘sell’ other attendees on the importance and efficiency of their company in the industry. Upon their return, have follow-up meetings with these managers where they will report in detail on what they have learned. Managers attending conventions and seminars should take opportunities to enjoy themselves, nevertheless, they will be the “face” of your company, it’s wise be sure that they focus on making them business meetings, and not all “playtime.”

If planning, organizing, staffing, direction and control are five major factors in managing a company, staying focussed throughout the process, is paramount!

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How do i find someone's criminal history free

How Do I Find Someone's Criminal History Free

If anyone are hoping for an easily accessible nationwide data source of records of criminals in this age of advanced communication, then you’ll will be disappointed. Technology may be obtainable, and the federal constitution may provide a constitutional guarantee for United States citizens to obtain info, on the contrary specific state legislation is required for its implementation.

Regardless, a person can still look up some bits of data. The Federal Bureau of Prisons’ website offers an inmate locator service absolutely free. You can also check out out credible public interest organizations such such as the Family Watch Dog web site that keeps track of sex offenders released from prison. Your next step is to search the separate databases of state correctional facilities, police records, and court details. Before your wants start your lookup, remember to verify the individual’s name or identity.

In many states, records of criminals are restricted and you also need the individual’s d.o.b and ssn in order to carry out the lookup. Usually, prospective employers have this info nonetheless they’re required by law to inform their applicants that a criminal criminal history check is being conducted on them. They additionally might want to provide the applicant gain access to to the public information they gathered.

Yet, the action needed to make a complete search on your own for free criminal conviction records via the internet is difficult and time consuming. You may not likely have the time and patience to investigation via the mountain of without charge public info scattered all over the web. Everyone may be satisfied with totally free public data services if your reasons for researching are merely for curiosity, and your personal life or business is not necessarily at risk.

Nevertheless, if you are an employer with numerous candidates to find out, or a landlord with a lot of potential tenants applying, or a busy professional looking for a care giver for your babies or aging couples, convenience and time are important to a person.

In addition, you will have to keep in mind that no cost services not provided by federal agencies or accredited government providers have to be double-checked. Gathering nationwide data such when criminal conviction records, which incur a few additions throughout the year, requires great investment of time and resources. Therefore, websites that offer totally free information may certainly not have updated documents. No cost criminal offender records collection providers cannot provide convenience and customer service to help people lookup.

Your next recourse is an online investigation for fee-based providers of criminal record research. The price depends on the detail of this research that you need. The price will vary based on the scope and quality of their databases. Several databases searches are organized by state, while others provide a convenient nationwide searches feature of criminal offender records for around $40 yearly charge.

Think through the reason for your search and consequences of inaccurate information, and and then decide whether it will be reasonable for you will to pay higher subscription fees of quality public info providers.