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Learn to flip houses in just 5 days

Learn To Flip Houses In Just 5 Days

The “flipping houses” business is taking the real estate market by storm. More and more people are typing the words on search engines to know more about the latest craze in the investments. While flipping houses is not new, it is amid the recession that it is getting much attention.

It had been associated in the past to fraudulent mortgage practices when in fact, it is simply buying an undervalued property and selling it for a higher price. Some earn by selling contracts to buy these properties while others repair and renovate the house before selling it to raise its value. Whichever way you would like to “flip houses,” the business is booming amid harsher times.

More owners are willing to sell their properties amid the recession, widening your market. If you’re convinced that you have the confidence and the drive to pursue this business, the question is: “Do you know what to do?”

You can read articles about flipping houses and other investment schemes but nothing would beat learning from a master. If you don’t have the time and money for this service, don’t fret just yet. Try visiting Rehablist.com first.

The web site offers a FREE 5-Day Investment Course, which will surely educate you on real estate investing. Rehablist promises both neophytes and veterans to learn something from the course. The web site is confident that your time of wasting money on investments that don’t pan out will end after you undergo the FREE course.

To access the video-based email course, interested parties will need to create a log-in account. Once created, they may log-in on the site and follows instructions directing to the course. Here’s a rundown of what you’re in for when you undergo the program:

DAY 1: You will be able to view a video that had been sold for nearly $150. It’s offered free for those who log-in to the web site. It will walk you through “rehabbing,” or the process of buying a house and rehabilitating it, from beginning to end. This could be the most informative 43 minutes of your “rehabbing“career, the site notes.

DAY 2: The course will teach you about “hard money.” “Why use your own money when getting money for investing is as easy as falling off a log,” it says.

DAY 3: You will learn about “wholesaling.” The course will show you how you can start flipping houses immediately even without a capital. You will make money while you learn a new skill, even if you’re an experienced investor, the site promises.

DAY 4: More lessons in wholesaling and you can make long-term wealth from it.

DAY 5: Gives you a guide on how to launch your career as a “rehabber.” You formally graduate from the course.

Armed with education from real estate giant Rehablist, you can now start your flipping houses. Remember that education without action is futile but action without education is fatal! Don’t fall for scams and let yourself be beaten by competition.

Is hiring a freelancer right for your business

Is Hiring a Freelancer Right for Your Business? (three Reasons Say "yes"!)

Who are they?

Freelancers work in almost every industry: construction, translation, finance, management, sales, design and many, many more. They’re your neighbor, your friend, the nice lady down the street, the man in the coffee shop always typing away on a computer. Many surveys indicate that most freelancers are male (according to Labor Statistics, by 2005 about 65% of the freelance population) and over thirty years old.
While many independent contractors work from home, just as many go to physical locations to work, either a private office or wherever the hiring company needs them. They are professionals just like you and I; a large percentage received on the job training or went to college to do what they do. Several hold degrees. Many stayed in typical work environments for over seven years before working for themselves.
In short, freelancers are business professionals who chose to, not work at home, but work for themselves. They are as trained and skilled as an employee would be, if not more so in some instances, and serious about their business.

Is hiring a freelancer right for your business?

Many business owners think hiring a freelancer just won’t work for their particular company. More than a few really do believe that independent contractors are a waste of time, money and resources. However, if this were so, if that basis of thought were true, would there really be ten million freelancers running around? Would anyone who performed contractual jobs even have a business? For that matter, why are freelancers so in demand?

Reason #1: Cost

Monetary considerations are usually in the forefront of any business owner’s mind. Can we afford this? What are the initial costs? What’s the ROI? These thoughts come to mind in every area of business, including hiring a freelancer, but you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.
How much a particular freelancer will cost you depends on several factors: length of the project, difficulty of the project, location of the freelancer and level of technology are just a few. For instance, a freelance web designer may charge $30 an hour or $1000 for a project no matter how much time they put in. As in any hiring situation, you’ll find those that cost less and those that cost more.
However, the difference between employees and contracted individuals is that the individuals can afford to charge less, and often do. Freelancers usually don’t have to worry about transportation, gas, or clothing (for work) costs. Business owners will not have to pay employee benefits or wage taxes.
In addition, freelancers come from all over the world. Depending on your monetary needs, you can use offshore outsourcing (contractors from out-of-country), national outsourcing or homesourcing (contractors are in your locality).

Reason #2: No direct employees

It isn’t normal practice that a business is built with nothing but freelancers, but it does happen. More than a few Internet-based businesses use strictly freelancers, either on a by-project basis or as a loose-knit company.
One of the main reasons is the lack of direct employees. There are no W-2s to worry about. If a contractor doesn’t perform as expected, there are no hire/fire policies to follow; you just don’t use them again. The working “atmosphere” tends to be more relaxed, while still maintaining professionalism. You are not their boss; you’re their client. It does make a difference.
In addition, there’s no need to hire office space; the Internet is the office space. With collaborative software, VoIP capabilities, email, messenger and many other online programs, it’s extremely easy to create a working atmosphere without the need to be physically there. There are no office politics and no personal dynamics between employees to deal with; the only “requirement” is that they get along with you.

Reason #3: Broad spectrum of specializations

There is, quite literally, a freelancer out there to meet any need. Freelance web designers who offer SEO/SEM2 as well; copywriters who also provide logos; virtual assistants who perform sales work – the list goes on.
Specialization is an excellent tool. Someone who knows web design forwards, backwards and inside out is an excellent resource; if you have all your content, this is the person to hire. If you have the design but need copy, a specialized copywriter will fit your needs. However, if you need website design, copywriting and SEO/SEM, you need a company – or a freelancer who has decided to learn as much as they can of fields related to their chosen area.
So, are freelancers right for you? Are they right for your business? The only person who can answer that is you. However, if you’re looking for ways to tighten the budget, narrow down the issues and broaden that bottom line, look into freelancing. You never know, you may just end up hiring that nice lady down the street.

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Written by WALSAQ.com. Copyright 2009 All rights reserved. WALSAQ’s Business and Freelance Series is independent of their services and free to all. If you’d like to place a bid on a freelancer or increase your professional career, browse through our high-paying projects

How to purchase and sell used medical equipment at online auction sites

How To Purchase And Sell Used Medical Equipment At Online Auction Sites

Medical equipment is constantly developing when it comes to technology. Technology is always changing day by day, causing many state of the art medical facilities that have the money to update their equipment regularly. The used medical equipment and used laboratory equipment, however, is far from being obsolete. In many cases, it can come in very useful to those medical facilities that may not have as much money to purchase brand new equipment and seek out the secondary market as a way to provide their patients with the best of care in a way that they can afford. Medflip Inc. is a new site that is offering both buyers and sellers a convenient way to buy and sell used medical equipment and used laboratory equipment right online through their site in a way that is convenient for both parties. Using a medical equipment auction site is one of the best ways that a medical professional can buy better quality used medical equipment as well as used laboratory equipment at a price they can afford. Medical equipment is one of the biggest expenses in any medical facility and most medical professionals are replacing older equipment with newer equipment all of the time. Those who are just starting out in practice can offer their patients services that they might have to otherwise outsource when they purchase medical equipment online. They can take advantage of the fact that many hospitals and clinics are selling their medical equipment and replacing it with brand new equipment by purchasing the used equipment from them at a price that they can afford. You do not have to have medical equipment that is the very latest technology in your medical office in order to better serve your patients. There are many clinics and facilities that service the poor that do not have access to medical equipment that they need to give the best care to their patients. By purchasing used medical equipment as well as used laboratory equipment from an online auction site, even if it is older equipment, a smaller clinic or private practice can enable their patients to get better care while saving money at the same time. The equipment that is offered at Medflip comes from all over the world and can be used all over the world to offer care to patients who might not otherwise have access to such equipment. Buyers can look at the used medical equipment that is featured on Medflip Inc. to get the best price for the item from the sellers. Sellers can sell unwanted equipment to buyers that can really use this equipment on this internet auction site. When medical professionals visit Medflip, they will not have a difficult time finding the used medical equipment that they are looking for as everything is easily categorized to make searching simple. In addition to medical equipment, you can also find dental equipment on this site as well. There is also a section for used laboratory equipment that can be used by medical professionals and even schools. This equipment can help medical professionals perform the tests that they need on patients right in the office. You can find everything from x-ray machines to exam tables and chairs when you access this online site. This site is especially beneficial to private physicians who are looking to save money with their practice while offering the best care for their patients at the same time. Sellers can take advantage of Medflip Inc to get rid of used laboratory equipment or used medical equipment that they no longer need instead of letting it sit in storage. This can, in turn, not only help them recoup some of their costs when buying new equipment, but also help another facility gain access to medical equipment that they might not otherwise be able to afford.