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If it’s time for business, then it’s time for timeforce

If It’s Time For Business, Then It’s Time For TimeForce

Managing time and attendance for a growing number of businesses is becoming easier and more efficient through TimeForce’s software-based time clocks. With ten years of research and development coupled with earnest customer feedback, TimeForce has designed a number of time and attendance solutions for a wide range of businesses. Owners and managers can now track employee time from a remote location. They also have the ability to track employee time across multiple locations. This makes the managing of people much easier and increases the understanding of their business.
Traditional business time clocks, where employees simply punch their time in and out on timecards, manually compile hours each pay period, and separately track sick days and special occurrences is largely in the past. This methodology is certainly outdated and carries with it a large degree of business risk. Small, medium and large businesses can all benefit from the integration of TimeForce’s time clocks that electronically track time and attendance with greater accuracy and reliability. They are customizable so that overtime rules, rounding rules, shift differentials and more can be determined by the business.
Many businesses have historically endured unnecessary and excessive costs when employees punch-in for each other. This is known as “buddy punching”. Left unchecked not only does a business incur an additional expense, but the business also gets no value for the expense. Biometrics is the use of biologically distinct attributes for identification, which is used in some of the time clock models that are available by TimeForce. The sure indication results in no more “buddy punching” and provides managers and owners a more realistic view of their workforce.
In addition, the TimeForce solution makes scheduling quick and effective. Employee time and attendance data including time-off is all in one place reducing the time and effort typically dedicated to payroll functions. As a result of the time and cost savings, the time clocks have a quick return on investment.
TimeForce has software and hardware solutions that mitigates business risk through biometrics, remote devices, and seamless integration, which makes managing employee hours and time-off accumulation a straightforward process. TimeForce’s online product demonstration makes it convenient for inquiries regarding the use of their time clocks. With exceptional customer service and over ten years of experience in the time and attendance market, TimeForce can benefit nearly any business with the management of their employee’s time and attendance. Over 35,000 businesses use TimeForce with great reliability and satisfaction. TimeForce prides itself on providing quality products with exceptional customer service.

King pharmaceuticals, inc

King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (KG) SWOT Profile—Aarkstore Enterprise Market Research Aggregation

King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (KG) SWOT Profile is a comprehensive business, functional and strategic analysis of King Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. The profile delves into the operations of the company to present an in-depth analysis of the various aspects related to its business. It analyzes the company’s business structure, operations, major products and services, prospects, locations and subsidiaries, executive biographies and key competitors. The hallmark of the profile is the detailed strategic analysis of the company. This highlights and presents an unbiased view of its key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by understanding your partners, customers and competitors better.
King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (King) is an integrated pharmaceutical company engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of branded prescription pharmaceutical products and animal health products. It develops therapies and technologies to the markets including neuroscience, hospital and acute care medicines. Its branded prescription pharmaceuticals consisting of nueroscience products, hospital products and legacy brands.

Key Recent Developments

Apr 15, 2010: King Pharmaceuticals Introduces New EpiPen Auto-Injectors
Mar 17, 2010: King’s Subsidiaries Finalize Civil Settlement With US Department Of Justice
Feb 09, 2010: King Pharmaceuticals Names Two New Members To Its Board Of Directors


– Examines key information about company for business intelligence.
– The company’s core strengths and weaknesses and areas of development or decline are analyzed and presented objectively. Business, strategic and operational aspects are taken into account.
– Opportunities available to the company are sized up and its growth potential assessed. Competitive and/or technological threats are highlighted.
– The profile contains valuable and critical company information – business structure and operations, the company history, major products and services, prospects, key competitors, key employees, executive biographies, important locations and subsidiaries.
– The profile provides detailed financial ratios for the past five years as well as interim ratios for the last five interim periods for major public companies.
– Financial ratios presented for major public companies include revenue trends, profitability, growth, margins and returns, liquidity and leverage, financial position and efficiency ratios.

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Key elements of professional book cover design for self-published authors

Key Elements Of Professional Book Cover Design For Self-Published Authors

It takes just a few vital seconds for an editor or reader to decide about whether your self-published book is worth reading or not, so the design of the book cover is incredibly important. If the key opportunity for selling your book exists in one tiny glance, that glance had better be optimized by excellent design elements, wouldn’t you agree?

Publishers want their books to appear unique so that the book is hard to forget. An excellent cover helps to make that happen. An excellent book cover is like the striking pose of a model – stunning and creative.

Finding the Right Graphic Designer

Professionalism and experience as well as expertise are the main qualities you should look for when finding the right graphic designer to do an important task like the one-glimpse-and-it-sells-or-not test cover of your book. You don’t want your self-published book to appear amateurish or homemade. Your graphic designer should have a high level of creativity, skills, the right software, access to stock photography and be knowledgeable about the book printing process to make your book stand out from all the rest.

What Are the Key Elements in Cover Design?

The cover of a book must include all the elements in our list that are applicable. Not all book covers will have flaps.

* Front cover

* Spine

* Back Cover

* Inside Flaps

* ISBN and Bar Code

At a minimum, your front cover should contain the name of the book, its subtitle, and your name. Testimonials and endorsements can also be tastefully used on the front cover. Your front cover should be legible and easily read from a short distance. Use bold, contrasting lettering to make this element work right. On the spine, your name, title and publishing company name or logo should be listed and legible from a distance. On the back cover, you will want the book’s category in the upper left corner to help bookstores shelve it properly. The back cover should have a compelling headline directed to your target book buying audience, a brief description and a few bulleted benefits. Listing a few testimonials from recognized leaders in your field is very helpful. Your picture and bio may appear on the back cover, and these technical points need to appear as well:

* 13 digit ISBN number (buy from R. R. Bowker Co.)

* Price

* Bar code

* Credits for the cover designer and/or illustrator

What Other Important Elements Play a Role in Producing Excellent Book Covers?

Because your self-published book cover is critical for your marketing and branding, it will get you noticed either positively or negatively. Following are more elements that will help you catch the attention of your audience. A knowledgeable graphic designer knows all about these key elements and their proper usage.

* Chose the right font for the book and its audience.

* Don’t use ALL CAPS for headings, subheadings or Table of Contents. They are too difficult to read.

* Eliminate ‘rivers of white’ with proper word spacing.

* Be aware of ‘leading’ – the space between the lines. Font, type size, word spacing and length of line all come into play here.

* Line length should not exceed 65 characters for ease of reading.

* Paper samples for your book cover are available from the printer. 10 point C1S is the standard for soft covers. Ask your book printer for house stock, as it is more affordable.

There is a precise science behind the creation of a successful book cover, as I’m confident you are now aware. Since the cover is such an important tool, being penny wise and pound foolish should be saved for other elements of your successful book publishing and marketing. Let an experienced, skillful graphic designer help you design your self-published book cover. You can use the key points in this article to check for his or her skill level. To your success!