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Invest in precious metals for your financial future

Invest in Precious Metals for Your Financial Future

Investing in gold is a topic that raises many questions, especially to inexperienced investors. The fact of the matter is that investing in gold & silver can be a lot simpler and more profitable than investing in bonds, stocks or mutual funds, provided investors make informed choices based on reliable information.

It goes without saying that investing in precious metals as part of your financial future is an essential part of a diversified portfolio, and one that offers minimal risk due to the stability of precious metals even during periods of economic turbulence or in times of global uncertainty. In fact, the value of precious metals has proven to undergo an ascending trend at times of unsettling events.

Certain investors argue that investing in precious metals such as taking a chance to buy gold bullion, silver, platinum and palladium comes with certain disadvantages, such as raising storage issues, being rather difficult to trade and too expensive or requiring a constant follow-up of prices in order to know the best time to make transactions.

However, precious metals in general and gold in particular have long been a symbol of power and wealth and a universal currency. Furthermore, gold is the only currency that the government does not have direct control over. Should you decide to diversify your retirement account and opt for a gold IRA, you can rest assured that it will not devalue, nor will it collapse like other currencies, the real estate market or the stock market could. What’s more, as has been said before, precious metals are very stable, as opposed to the very popular option for retirement accounts, namely the volatile stock market.

Not many investors are aware of the fact that Individual Retirement Accounts can be funded with gold and silver, nor do they know that a gold IRA or silver IRA could result in considerable profits over a long period of time, as silver and golden IRAs defer from capital gain taxes.

Once you have decided to opt for a golden IRA, careful and thorough consideration of how much you want to invest is a must. Factors such as your risk tolerance, your total assets and above all your age should definitely not be overlooked.

There are several dealers in gold that also provide investors with a comprehensive range of useful information on how to make the right decision in their purchase and on whose website you can find answers to some of the most frequent questions related to gold IRA, silver IRA and investing in precious metals. If you perform a diligent search and make an informed choice of your precious metals dealer, you will be able to benefit from all the advantages that derive from having precious metals as part of your portfolio.

With investments in precious metals being one of the most profitable on the long run and one of the least risky investments that one can make, more and more people are starting to consider buying precious metals or adding gold to their retirement account. Under these circumstances, joining a gold affiliate program can only be seen as a very smart business decision for certified financial planners and licensed broker dealers. Those interested in finding out more about being part of a gold affiliate program can do so online, on the websites of silver and gold dealers.

Learn about asset & liability basics

Learn about Asset & liability basics

Knowledge of accounts can make life much easy. If you are to invest in a new business or joining your forefather is business, planning to take some loan, looking for job in any marketing company, desire to be the manager of a multinational company or have the onus to manage your own assets and liabilities, knowing some basics of accounts becomes mandatory.

Broadly, accounting is bifurcated into two categories

Cash Bases Accounting

Accrual Accounting

The Cash Based accounting pertains to the management of an individual is personal monetary transactions. In this case, he keeps a track of the money he withdrew, deposited, gave or received from someone etc. This accounting comes to life when actual cash transactions take place.

The Accrual Accounting requires an accountant who notes the transactions even if no money has been actually exchanged. This method works on the principle of comparing or seeing the ratio of the expenses to expenditure. If the expenditure is more, you need to cut down your luxuries, if not then it is always good to have some savings for future. This type of accounting tells you the amount that you owed. this might not match with the figure of your bank balance.

In the language of accounting there are several key terms that one needs to be familiar with. Some of the crucial ones are discussed below

The Assets the assets are generally those possessions of an individual that have a good market value or are quite valuable. Assets are mainly classified into three types
Current Asset the cash is the most basic asset of any individual. The money that is being held in accounts like the checking and savings accounts is also included in the cash. Also inclusive are the marketable securities in the form of bonds, stocks, shares etc. The money lent or payments due from client is even form a part of it.

Fixed Asset comprises of all the tangible valuable things like property, machines, equipment, land and the like that are not meant to be sold.

Intangible Asset incorporates all the untouchable things like copyrights, patents, trademarks etc. that have tremendous monetary significance.

The law of opposites governs the nature. where there are assets, there will be liabilities. These are the debts that you have to pay back to your creditors. This can be done through giving cash or any other asset like jewelry, some other goods etc. Liabilities again are of two kinds

1. The Current Liabilities the liabilities that are to be paid back within a certain time limit and most often through your current assets. These include the accounts payable i.e. type of bill that you have to monthly, the Notes Payable loans taken from banks meant to be repaid within 30 days and the Accrued Expenses the compulsory expenses like taxes, wages, interests etc. where the bills are not received but the balances of each must be repaid.

2. Long Term Liabilities those debts that can be repaid at ease for the tenure is more then a month.

The Financial Capital is the economic capital. It is any liquid medium or merchandise that stands for wealth or other styles or capital. There are four ways to manage and display the financial capital. First, this capital is needed when a contract is made with any sort of capital asset. The financial instruments work in the form of currency in case of sale, purchase or trade of goods i.e. the medium exchanges. Second, it works as a settled medium or mode like gold for the
Standard of Deferred Payment. Third, The Unit of Account has a market value attached to it which in turn varies with the economy of the country. Fourth, The Source of Value is concerned with financial capital that needs to be saved and recovered. It is a collection of things like gold, real estate, collectibles etc.

Petty Cash is an important factor in business. It is the smallest account within a business setting or the cash in bills and coinage required to pay little expenses.

Types of Business there are several kinds of business one should be aware of like

Sole proprietorship where a single individual who starts the business owns it too.

Partnerships the companies or businesses started by two or more persons where they conjointly own it.

Corporations involve lot many shareholders or investors who are responsible in taking decisions for the company.

Limited Liability Companies can be said to be sisters of corporations. Here the business members are not under a legal obligation to pay the debts if the business fails.

Payrolls the term payroll designates the manner in which you will be paying the employees of your company and even yourself. Many multinational companies cater to payroll service provider companies that do the work quite efficiently.

These are some of the broad guidelines that will help you grasp the basics of accounting. It is essential to have some such wisdom for accounts, as it is fruitful in all walks of life.

Introducing five styles of presentation binding

Introducing Five Styles of Presentation Binding

This overview is intended to enable you the see the scope of products you have at your disposal with which to meet all your binding needs. It will provide an overview of five lines of binding systems, with numerous models in each group, providing solutions to the ever-growing need to package documents. Some of these options are very different from each other and others have small subtle differences.

They are:

1. Wire Binding – Twin Loop wire binds document up to 250 sheets of 20# bond
2. Plastic Coil Binding – Color Coil binds documents up to 265 sheets of 20# bond
3. Plastic Comb Binding – GBC plastic binding binds up to 425 sheets of 20# bond
4. Strip Binding – GBC SureBind / GBC Velobind binds documents up to 750 sheets of 20# bond
5. Thermal Binding – Therm-A-Bind binds documents up to 520 sheets of 20# bond

The following is a brief description of each product:

1. Wire Binding:
Twin Loop wire provides one of the newest methods of binding for those requiring open-flat/lay-flat capabilities and security of bind, PLUS a high-tech image. The finished Twin Loop document uses flush-cut covers (the covers are the same size as the paper – usually 11″; x 8-1/2″;) to present a neat, attractive and professional means of finishing written communications. The Twin Loop metal loops encircle the document completely and crimp together to hold securely. Even though wire binding has been used by trade binderies for years, there previously was no easy way to move this technique into the office. The equipment previously available was expensive and cumbersome.

2. Plastic Coil Binding:
Colorcoil coil binding also provides open-flat / lay flat capabilities and security of bind, with it’s bright, trendy image. The plastic coils continuously spin through the punched document, adding zip to the appearance. Color Coil documents use flush-cut covers to present a neat, attractive and professional finished document.

Both wire and coil binding are recommended by many advertising agencies and graphic designers when the customer is looking for a unique binding style as well as a method that allows the document to open flat, lay flat and wrap around. An added benefit is that these two products hold up well when documents are sent through the mail.

3. Plastic Comb Binding
GBC was the innovator of desktop binding systems, starting with the introduction of Plastic Comb binding in 1947. Plastic Comb binding (trademarked by GBC as Cerlox and Sure-Lox) is a versatile and easy method of securing written communications, providing open-flat / lay-flat capabilities with the added benefit of the ability to frequently, easily edit the document. The plastic comb binding element can be opened and closed over and over again. The covers usually used for Plastic Comb binding are usually slightly oversized, 11-1/4″; x 8-3/4″, to prevent dog-earing of the contents.

In addition, comb binding spines can be customized by printing on the backbone of the binding elements. This type of customization allows for easy recognition of documents while on the reader’s shelf. This customization provides an economical form of advertising, making plastic comb bindings unique from all other elements available.

4. Strip Binding:
GBC’s Strip Binding systems, marketed under the names SureBind and Velobind, create documents of distinction. The tamper resistant hot knife process seals and rivets the binding comb and receiving strip together, increasing the security of confidential documents so no unauthorized additions or deletions can be made. Strip Binding is also bound with flush-cut covers for a professional-looking document.

In addition to the image and security benefits of Strip Binding, only three different sized elements cover documents ranging from 2 to 750 sheets of 20# bond paper, reducing the amount of inventory needed, FYI, 750 sheets equates to 3 inches of paper!

5. Thermal Binding:
The Thermal Binding system creates impressive, professional, perfect-bound documents, with no visible, mechanical fasteners. Bind from 2 sheets to approximately 520 sheets of 20# bond paper in just seconds.

The wrap-around Therm-A-Bind cover incorporates a pre-applied, heat-activated adhesive; which insures a secure, tamper-resistant bind every time. Because the cover totally wraps around the document, the backbone is ideal for customization / identification so the document is recognizable.

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