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Increase productivity and profit with 5 axis machining

Increase Productivity and Profit with 5 Axis Machining

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Engineering is a dynamic industry which needs the capacity to respond quickly to advances in technology, changes in client requirements and the demands of the market. Precision Engineering Townsville has a response capacity that enables the organisation to provide high quality products to its client base.

While the technology and equipment for performing multi-axis machining has existed for many years, the applications are different for different industries. 5 axis machining is one method that reduces production time, by machining complex shapes in a single set-up. This ability provides a number of benefits to a production workshop as summarised below:

> An increase in productivity due to only having to perform a single setup (usually with just a single set of fixtures), in contrast to the other methods which need several setups at distinct and separate to achieve the same results. This saves, not only on the cost of the machining itself, but also the time and cost of preparing additional fixtures, as well as reducing the possibility of incorrect alignment by having to move the part more than once.

> Higher cutting speeds because shorter cutting tools can be used, as the head can be lowered towards the job. This alleviates some of the load on the cutter, which reduces breakages, thus increasing tool life. Also reduced is the reverberation that tends to occur more often on 3 axis machines, removing the requirement for time wasting and expensive manual mill work in order to clean up kellered surfaces.

> The ability to machine solid metal as opposed to castings – when producing complex parts this is an inexpensive and quick option, especially for small runs. It allows for much shorter led times e.g. one or two weeks as opposed to a couple of months that would be required to wait for a casting.

> Saves large amounts of time when drilling holes. This may not seem like a major benefit but time is money, and drilling a series of holes with different compound angles is very time consuming. The 5 axis machine gives allowance for the head to be aligned to drill each hole with automatically, where as with a 3 axis machine the holes need to be drilled separately.

The combination of reduced set-up times, savings on fixtures, reduced error rates and higher cutting speeds enables the job to be delivered to the client in a much shorter time frame, with little possibility of late delivery because of errors requiring re-machining. The individual businesses of each client will benefit because the components created using 5 axis machining are available on time and with high quality for the next step in their individual processes.

International freight – eight strategies for success

International Freight – Eight Strategies For Success

As the Internet opens up global markets, more and more people are considering starting an import or export business and are looking into selecting a freight company for the first time.

This can be baffling as the world of international freight is highly complex and the newcomer needs to be aware of some of the pitfalls associated with freight forwarding.

The main role of all freight services companies is, of course, to help importers and exporters transport their goods. But with varying requirements in each country and with many different transport options and routes to choose from, it is vital that you choose the right freight company to suit the specific needs of your business.

To get the most out of your freight forwarding company, there are some simple tips and strategies to remember.

Firstly, avoid the common mistake of selecting your shipping company on price alone: Using a freight company can cut your costs because as they arrange for the transport of large numbers of consignments, they can consolidate loads going to a single destination. A freight forwarder will be able to offer lower freight rates than you can negotiate with carriers yourself. Of course, you should get quotes and compare costs from a number of freight forwarding suppliers to find the best level of cost and service for you – but do be aware that that the lowest quote may not be the best option. Check out the level of service carefully too. And watch out for any surcharges and additional fees that may not be immediately obvious. If you are new to the world of international freight, it will also be important that you feel that the shipping company will provide a guiding hand.

Make sure you use a freight services company that is a member of BIFA: There are thousands of freight forwarding companies, so to sort the wheat from the chaff, use the freight forwarding trade associations and in particular the British International Freight Association (BIFA) to draw up a shortlist. This is a membership body representing 1200 UK freight forwarding companies in the UK. BIFA and the International Freight Forwarders Association (to which BIFA belongs) have codes of practice to which all member freight forwarding companies must comply, so this can help avoid problems and provide reassurance that the shipping company you select is of high quality. The freight transport trade associations can also help ensure that any disputes between freight companies and their customers are quickly resolved.

Check relevant experience of shipping companies: To draw up your shortlist, look for freight services companies with experience of the particular routes and goods your business is dealing in. Ask for references from businesses with similar freight transport needs. It is particularly important that the shipping company you select has good experience of the routes you need and a good network of overseas agents. Also check whether your freight services company understands the specific needs of your product type, such as whether it requires refrigeration. This is obviously very important for perishables and food, for example, but also bear in mind the potential impact on your product of different climates. For example, if you are exporting to Scandinavia, have you thought about the possible effect of frost? And if you are involved in China import, do you know what specific paperwork your import products will need?

Take advantage of secondary services from shipping companies: Many freight services companies offer a wide range of additional services and logistics, including completing customs clearance paperwork on your behalf, and paying any taxes and duties owed. They also cover off any other documentation issues, such as Bills of Lading and insurance. Many freight forwarding companies also offer help with inventory management or supply chain management.

Some freight transport companies can also help with collecting products from multiple locations or updating your customer about the status on the freight delivery.

These extra services from your freight services company can help save your business time and money so do check out what is available.

Provide full and accurate information: When you choose to use a freight forwarding company, make sure you provide them with full and accurate information. The key thing to provide to your shipping company is a copy of the commercial invoice and the tariff classification for your goods (unless you’ve asked your freight services company to classify the goods for you.) If you get it right first time, it will make your freight transport go more smoothly.

Check document turnaround time from the freight services company: How long will it take the shipping company to turn around key documents? It is important that this is fast and streamlined, as time is money – your money!

Use your shipping company for advice: You can use your freight services company as a source of information and advice about international trade. Many shipping companies have a wealth of experience, so tap into this valuable resource and make your freight company a true business partner.

Importance of pdf conversion

Importance of PDF Conversion

Have you face the problem of improper formatting of document you received as an attachment? I think you surly face the problem!! You created the document with proper formatting and send it to someone. They open the document and say that make proper formatting first!! This type of errors may harm your business reputation and yield.

PDF, short form of Portable Document Format, can solve your problem. It is the format that enables you to send file across any computer without changing look. Some benefits of Having PDF with You are:

• You can store it in very small space.

• You can publish the document with same formatting and look across any computer and any operating system.

• You can enlarge the pdf document up to 1600% with loosing quality.

• The delivery of pdf document is faster in comparison of common document because of small size.

So the PDF is one of the good formats from various available till date. Why not to convert document into pdf? PDF conversion surly helps you to fetch the data easily. There are various types of pdf conversion available. Some of them are mentioned under:

• Word to PDF

• Paper to PDF

• Image to PDF

• Microfiche to PDF

• Tiff to PDF

• Microfilm to PDF

There are various tools available for free online pdf conversion but they operate fixed amount of conversion. Most of the online conversion service, convert only common file format like doc, xls and some other. They can’t able to convert microfiche file to pdf, for this you can give your data to some company who converts you information into the pdf. If you have large amount of data and want to convert, hiring a pdf conversion service provider is best option.

This type of pdf conversion service helps you to save your money up to 60%. They can also deliver fast and accurate conversion because they are having skilled staff for pdf conversion.

In this speedy growing world where each small thing does matter to grow higher and higher, this small conversion can helps you to build good reputation. Ultimately your business gain more than your competitors.

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