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How to keep your teenager’s phone use under control

How to Keep Your Teenager’s Phone Use Under Control

Ah, the teenage years.  It’s a time when a young person’s personality begins to emerge and they are more interested than ever in the peer group.  Teenage social interaction comes in many forms, but the one thing that holds it all together is the phone.  And even though instant messages and email have replaced many older means of communication, there will never be a replacement for teenagers talking on the phone.

Keep an eye on bills throughout the month

Keep all your phone bills each month.  Then go back and review them in detail.  Pay attention to the timing of the calls (peak hours are more expensive) and unnecessary calls.  From this information, create a set of ground rules that your teen needs to follow in order to keep all their phone privileges.

Try a Pre-Paid phone plan

If you’ve ever opened up your monthly phone bill and found hundreds of extra charges due to overages, you know that it’s an experience you never want to go through again.  To help keep your teen’s phone use under control, try purchasing a pre-paid phone, or supplying minutes your child’s cell with a pre-paid calling card.  With these plans in place, you know that there is absolutely NO way they can call over their limit.

Be firm and stay safe

It is important that your teenager understands that their phone is a privilege and not a right.  The more they realize that fact, the more responsible their actions will be.  Also, it is incredibly important to explain to them the importance of phone safety.  No teenager should be talking on the phone while driving – even with a hands-free device.  Recent research has shown that teenagers talking on the phone represent the highest risk individuals in terms of getting into an accident.  Also, make sure that your child knows how to protect their phone from theft – and understands that they should never leave it out on a table or exposed in an open purse or knapsack.

Try a lower cost alternative

Bills for traditional land line phones or cell service can add up quick.  One lower-cost option you might want to try is VOIP service.  VOIP (or “Voice Over Internet Protocol”) is a new technology that allows individuals to make calls using their high-speed internet connection.  VOIP calling is inexpensive and even offers FREE calls to those who are also with the same carrier.  And because your teen may not want to sit at a computer for all their calls, Wi-Fi capable cell phones allow them to use digital phone service via VOIP wherever there is an Internet connection.

Make your teen an active part of the process

Sometimes, kids don’t even realize how many minutes they are racking up over the course of a month.  For this reason, a little financial education might be in order.  Sit down with your teen and show them how and when they are making their calls.  Teach them important lessons about money and responsibility.  This will help keep your phone bill lower, but more importantly will instill in them important values they can use for the rest of their lives.

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Learn to flip houses in just 5 days

Learn To Flip Houses In Just 5 Days

The “flipping houses” business is taking the real estate market by storm. More and more people are typing the words on search engines to know more about the latest craze in the investments. While flipping houses is not new, it is amid the recession that it is getting much attention.

It had been associated in the past to fraudulent mortgage practices when in fact, it is simply buying an undervalued property and selling it for a higher price. Some earn by selling contracts to buy these properties while others repair and renovate the house before selling it to raise its value. Whichever way you would like to “flip houses,” the business is booming amid harsher times.

More owners are willing to sell their properties amid the recession, widening your market. If you’re convinced that you have the confidence and the drive to pursue this business, the question is: “Do you know what to do?”

You can read articles about flipping houses and other investment schemes but nothing would beat learning from a master. If you don’t have the time and money for this service, don’t fret just yet. Try visiting Rehablist.com first.

The web site offers a FREE 5-Day Investment Course, which will surely educate you on real estate investing. Rehablist promises both neophytes and veterans to learn something from the course. The web site is confident that your time of wasting money on investments that don’t pan out will end after you undergo the FREE course.

To access the video-based email course, interested parties will need to create a log-in account. Once created, they may log-in on the site and follows instructions directing to the course. Here’s a rundown of what you’re in for when you undergo the program:

DAY 1: You will be able to view a video that had been sold for nearly $150. It’s offered free for those who log-in to the web site. It will walk you through “rehabbing,” or the process of buying a house and rehabilitating it, from beginning to end. This could be the most informative 43 minutes of your “rehabbing“career, the site notes.

DAY 2: The course will teach you about “hard money.” “Why use your own money when getting money for investing is as easy as falling off a log,” it says.

DAY 3: You will learn about “wholesaling.” The course will show you how you can start flipping houses immediately even without a capital. You will make money while you learn a new skill, even if you’re an experienced investor, the site promises.

DAY 4: More lessons in wholesaling and you can make long-term wealth from it.

DAY 5: Gives you a guide on how to launch your career as a “rehabber.” You formally graduate from the course.

Armed with education from real estate giant Rehablist, you can now start your flipping houses. Remember that education without action is futile but action without education is fatal! Don’t fall for scams and let yourself be beaten by competition.

Is your california limited liability company in proper compliance

Is Your California Limited Liability Company In Proper Compliance?

Copyright (c) 2009 Jeffrey Matsen

Overview of an LLC

A limited liability company (“LLC”) is a business entity which has the legal liability protection of a corporation, but is normally taxed either as a disregarded entity, if there is only one member, or a partnership if there are two or more members (“Members”). The LLC can either be member managed which is a form of direct management where the members (partners) each take part in the management of the company or manager managed which means that there is a manager that acts like a general partner who operates and runs the company.

Formation of an LLC

There are a lot of issues of entity selection that are important to be reviewed before one forms a limited liability company. The equity and tax structure of the Members needs to be examined and a determination has to be made whether the LLC should be member managed or manager managed. It is important to review these matters with a knowledgeable attorney and your CPA before the entity is formed. Often times a draft of an operating agreement is prepared before the LLC is actually formed. The operating agreement sets forth the management structure of the entity, the financial and equity structure, the tax structure and covers many other very important and significant issues. The actual formation of the LLC is accomplished by filing the Articles of Organization (Form LLC-1) with the Secretary of State. Thereafter, usually obtains a Taxpayer Identification Number. For an Offshore LLC, there must be an entity classification election Form 8832 filed with the IRS.

An LLC can have only a single Member in which case normally the LLC is disregarded as an entity for tax reporting purposes. This means that the tax information relating to the company is actually set forth on the Member’s own personal tax return and no federal tax return is required for the LLC. If there are two or more members, the LLC is normally taxed as a partnership and K-1s are issued to the Members for their own tax reporting purposes.

Maintaining the LLC

California requires that an LLC must pay an annual Franchise Tax of $800.00. The $800.00 fee must be paid to the Franchise Tax Board on the 15th day of the 4th month after the beginning of the fiscal year. For the first year, it is the 15th day of the 4th month from the date the LLC was organized. This $800.00 fee is required for every taxable year of the existence of the LLC.

LLCs are subject to a Gross Receipts Tax imposed by the California Franchise Tax Board. For LLCs whose revenue is between $250,000 and $499,999, the additional fee is $900. The fee increases to $2,500 for revenues between $500,000 and $999,999; to $6,000 for revenues between $1,000,000 and $4,999,999, and to $11,790 for revenue of $5,000,000 or more. See California Corporations Code Section 17942(a)(1-3).

An LLC must also file a Statement of Information with the Secretary of State’s office within 90 calendar days of the LLC formation. The Statement of Information must be filed yearly commencing with the end of the formation month. A $25.00 filing fee accompanies the Statement.

The LLC is an entity entirely independent and autonomous from its members and management. No personal expenditure or private transactions should be made by the LLC. All loans and other transactions pertaining to the LLC and the members should be carefully documented and only entered into after consultation with an attorney and CPA.

If an LLC is required to do business outside of its domiciliary state, it must file an application to do business in the foreign state. Some states like Nevada, for instance, require that an LLC file an Initial List of Managers for the first year and an Annual List of Managers every year thereafter until the LLC no longer transacts business in Nevada.

Steps to Ensure Your LLC Is In Compliance

Keeping track of your annual filings, company records and tax documents can be time consuming and aggravating. If you have several LLCs or LLCs that are tied into your Estate Plan, our firm has a yearly maintenance program that can substantially alleviate the time and worry you expend with respect to your LLCs and Estate Plan. For a reasonable annual fee, we make sure that your Estate Plan is properly maintained and that your LLC/LLCs are kept in proper compliance. Should you desire to further discuss the formation or maintenance of an LLC, please contact Wealth Strategies Counsel. We are here to serve you and have considerable experience and skill in the area of business entity selection and LLC formation and maintenance. Our lead partner, Jeff Matsen, has taught Continuing Education courses for other lawyers and professionals for many years. When it comes to business entity selection and LLCs, Jeff is the lawyer’s lawyer.