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Introducing five styles of presentation binding

Introducing Five Styles of Presentation Binding

This overview is intended to enable you the see the scope of products you have at your disposal with which to meet all your binding needs. It will provide an overview of five lines of binding systems, with numerous models in each group, providing solutions to the ever-growing need to package documents. Some of these options are very different from each other and others have small subtle differences.

They are:

1. Wire Binding – Twin Loop wire binds document up to 250 sheets of 20# bond
2. Plastic Coil Binding – Color Coil binds documents up to 265 sheets of 20# bond
3. Plastic Comb Binding – GBC plastic binding binds up to 425 sheets of 20# bond
4. Strip Binding – GBC SureBind / GBC Velobind binds documents up to 750 sheets of 20# bond
5. Thermal Binding – Therm-A-Bind binds documents up to 520 sheets of 20# bond

The following is a brief description of each product:

1. Wire Binding:
Twin Loop wire provides one of the newest methods of binding for those requiring open-flat/lay-flat capabilities and security of bind, PLUS a high-tech image. The finished Twin Loop document uses flush-cut covers (the covers are the same size as the paper – usually 11″; x 8-1/2″;) to present a neat, attractive and professional means of finishing written communications. The Twin Loop metal loops encircle the document completely and crimp together to hold securely. Even though wire binding has been used by trade binderies for years, there previously was no easy way to move this technique into the office. The equipment previously available was expensive and cumbersome.

2. Plastic Coil Binding:
Colorcoil coil binding also provides open-flat / lay flat capabilities and security of bind, with it’s bright, trendy image. The plastic coils continuously spin through the punched document, adding zip to the appearance. Color Coil documents use flush-cut covers to present a neat, attractive and professional finished document.

Both wire and coil binding are recommended by many advertising agencies and graphic designers when the customer is looking for a unique binding style as well as a method that allows the document to open flat, lay flat and wrap around. An added benefit is that these two products hold up well when documents are sent through the mail.

3. Plastic Comb Binding
GBC was the innovator of desktop binding systems, starting with the introduction of Plastic Comb binding in 1947. Plastic Comb binding (trademarked by GBC as Cerlox and Sure-Lox) is a versatile and easy method of securing written communications, providing open-flat / lay-flat capabilities with the added benefit of the ability to frequently, easily edit the document. The plastic comb binding element can be opened and closed over and over again. The covers usually used for Plastic Comb binding are usually slightly oversized, 11-1/4″; x 8-3/4″, to prevent dog-earing of the contents.

In addition, comb binding spines can be customized by printing on the backbone of the binding elements. This type of customization allows for easy recognition of documents while on the reader’s shelf. This customization provides an economical form of advertising, making plastic comb bindings unique from all other elements available.

4. Strip Binding:
GBC’s Strip Binding systems, marketed under the names SureBind and Velobind, create documents of distinction. The tamper resistant hot knife process seals and rivets the binding comb and receiving strip together, increasing the security of confidential documents so no unauthorized additions or deletions can be made. Strip Binding is also bound with flush-cut covers for a professional-looking document.

In addition to the image and security benefits of Strip Binding, only three different sized elements cover documents ranging from 2 to 750 sheets of 20# bond paper, reducing the amount of inventory needed, FYI, 750 sheets equates to 3 inches of paper!

5. Thermal Binding:
The Thermal Binding system creates impressive, professional, perfect-bound documents, with no visible, mechanical fasteners. Bind from 2 sheets to approximately 520 sheets of 20# bond paper in just seconds.

The wrap-around Therm-A-Bind cover incorporates a pre-applied, heat-activated adhesive; which insures a secure, tamper-resistant bind every time. Because the cover totally wraps around the document, the backbone is ideal for customization / identification so the document is recognizable.

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How to select the right check printing software

How to Select the Right Check Printing Software?

How to Select the Right Check Printing Software?

Check printing software can save time and money. Several check printing software are available that enable you to print professinal looking check from local laser printer. These printing software offer options for most check printing software that is suitable for corporate, small business and teller line environments equivocally. They also act as cost effective solutions for all types of financial institutions for secure, fast and convenient production of professional looking documents.

To find your best solution, the key steps are:

Step 1: Shortlist Your Requirements

You first need to decide what kind of check printing software would be suitable for you.

If you just need basic printing function, a stand-alone application is a good solution. Such software will allow you format your own checks, change logo, change labels, change labels position and print your check on preprint or blank computer check.

I recommend: Try ezCheckPring Pro, which is very user friendly, flexible and will use your own scanned signatures.

If you need to print regular payroll checks or checks for re-occurring payments, then you need should opt for more complex accounting software with built in printing feature.

 I recommend: Try ezPaycheck, Peachtree and QuickBooks.

Step 2: Decide Upon Your Budget

You need to decide how much you intend to spend on this check printing system. Most stand-alone check printing software cost you less than $50. But payroll software with printing feature may cost up to several hundred dollars depending on features.  QuickBooks Payroll Standard is $199, Peachtree Pro Accounting 2008 is $169 and ezPaycheck 2007 is $89.

I recommend: contact Halfpricesoft.com for its recently released free version check printing software, ezCheckPrinting Lite. For general users, its basic check designing and printing features should satisfy your requirements.

Step 3: Compare Different Options Available

Once you shortlist your favorite options that suit your requirement then it is a good idea to compare all the features offered by each software. This would help you to narrow down your list to two –three good software.

Step 4: Trial Version

Download the trial versions or ask your local vendor to give you the CDs to test software. You should be pretty familiar with the software before you make any serious purchase. Simple jobs like creating a check design should be as simple as possible.

Step 5: Make a Purchase

Once you decide upon your favorite software and get familiar with it, you can think about making a purchase.


        Check if this software support multiple accounts.

Try before you buy – Choose software with most comfortable graphical interface. It should be easy to navigate and handle.

How to have a great network marketing system

How To Have A Great Network Marketing System

When you are getting into the MLM business or industry, you need to have an effective MLM system in place so that you can ensure yourself success when it comes to promoting and direct selling your products. Now, there are many ways to do this and it will really be similar to setting up any kind of business. The difference is that you will need to work harder than usual; but if it is for success and profit, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Here are things you need to keep in mind when you are developing your MLM system.

Quick Note: Starting a business is tricky and hard at times but if you are ready to start then the get the best kept secrets to succeeding online with your network marketing business. Get TheMLM Training System online that will get you where you need to be, and with the best kept MLM Training System online you can start making cash faster and easier. Make sure you go get your MLM Secrets Training Today.

Make sure that you know your market – This means that you should enable yourself to be found by your customers. Having the Internet at your fingertips makes this less of a problem. You should use all sorts of web tools and sites to make this possible. Some examples include Google Adwords, search engines, social networks, forums, etc. You can use these things to redirect people to your own site and offerings.

Landing page – If you really want to get people interested in your MLM project, make sure that they have a place where they can go to online to check out all your services and what your MLM plan is all about. This is an essential piece of the MLM system that you need to prepare before you start your business. Having it this way makes seeing your money and commision rates and seeing the true vision of your business that you have set up.

Build trust – Whether you are building trust with a consumer or an MLM rep that is interested in becoming a part of your downline, you need to be able to communicate with that person. Build a good relationship through email, through the phone, or through newsletters and blog entries where you can communicate with interested parties.

Build a sales page – You need this as a part of your MLM system so that people who are interested can get in contact with you at any time. It is also important that you be able to respond quickly to all the inquiries that are made about your MLM products and plans.

Offer duplication – This simply means that you need to be able to offer interested parties the ability to be able to duplicate the program or system that you have in place. You can do this by offering training through videos and materials or even through chat or video sessions. This is a great way to build relationships with the people interested in what you are doing in the MLM industry.

Affiliate – Your customer should also have a means to promote their own MLM business and you can do this by affiliating your products with theirs. Of course, your products will have a much better chance of being sold if they are related to the products of your customers. That way, the sales will be mutually beneficial between the two of you or between you and all your customers.