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Keeping track of documents in workplace investigations

Keeping Track of Documents in Workplace Investigations

There are many different types of workplace investigations that a human resources department might face, and it is important to do them thoroughly and correctly. When facing sexual harassment investigations, accident investigations or any type of corporate social responsibility investigations, it is very important to take proper notes. These may become exhibits in future steps of workplace investigations, or if legal action becomes necessary.

Notes about questions and answers exchanged between investigators and witnesses are especially important in sexual harassment investigations, or any other type of exploration. The investigators should keep a thorough file of the documents from their corporate social responsibility investigations, just like any other project in the corporate business world would be carefully documented. In the case of accident investigations, there should be a log of all the calls that were made to witnesses and medical personnel, as well as notes of all interviews.

In any and all workplace investigations, the communications, e-mails, and letters to and from each witness must be logged. In sexual harassment investigations, there might be written complaints to keep track of, and relevant sections of the policies being considered should also be filed with the other documents. In all types of corporate social responsibility investigations, any documents that were provided by witnesses or gathered by the investigator, tape recordings, computer files, timecards, calendars, log notes, reports, telephone messages, e-mails, or any other documents that might verify or refute the allegation should be logged.

In all sexual harassment or accident investigations, the investigator’s report should complete the file of documents. When in doubt, the best policy is to save any documents that have to do with workplace investigations.

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How to make tri-strand bead necklaces

How to Make Tri-strand Bead Necklaces

If it is true as they say that a cord of three strands is not easily broken then this tri-strand beaded necklace ought to last till eternity. The simple design is a dream to make, the perfect item for freshers and yet it has an elegance and sophistication to it which is missing in projects by freshers.

To make a tri-strand necklace, you will require – craft thread, a needle, a pair of sharp scissors, a necklace clasp of any kind. You may use the barrel closures 3 packages of 11/0 seed beads.

Once you make the necklace and get the knack of it, you might like to experiment with various beads. Like, utilizing three different sizes of seed pearls, with the smallest on top and largest at bottom, it gives a stunning layered outlook. You can also make two strands out of pearls and one out of cloisonn?. For the time being you should stick to the simple form of bead forms; the seed bead, a fun, elegant, yet inexpensive choice.

A word of caution about your needle; the eye should be large enough to thread easily, but small enough to slip through your beads easily. Always test needle and make sure that it slips through two or three beads to ensure that it will pass easily through the hole.

To start cut three strands of your craft thread. One should be 21 inches, second should be 17 inches and third should be 13 inches. You might wish to change sizes of these threads once you have made this first necklace.

Start with the shortest thread the 13 inch, thread the needles and string the beads. It would be ideal if you stop 2 inches short of the end of thread, it will give you length to tie off the thread.

You have to be very careful at this stage, without loss of any bead, thread the end of 13 inch strand via the second half of your necklace clasp and tie it on. This will prevent the beads from falling off smallest strand while you do the other two.

Repeat the process with the 17 inch and 21 inch threads stopping 2 inches short of the end and tie them to the necklace clasp. Once you have finished the strands, add a drop of glue to the knots of first half and second half of the clasp to add strength to the knots. After you have completed, you should have three swags of beads roughly 18, 14 and 10 inches respectively.

Since these necklaces are so simple and easy to make, they are a big craft experience for children of 8 and above. Teens may also make and exchange these necklaces and children will discover that they are great Mother’s day gifts. Children would most probably prefer to work with layer beads because they are easy to work with. A nice 05/0 or 06/0 bead is normally best for kids 8-12 and some grownups also may prefer larger beads. Tri-strand necklaces bead necklaces may be made with any kind of beads and in any kind of colors and a pendant may be added to the lowest strand, making it the most versatile of all bead necklaces.

How to increase traffic to your website

How to increase traffic to your website

There are various ways and means to increase traffic to you website but it is not an easy task. The website takes sometime to reproduce itself in the search engine. The traffic, may not be attracted to the site immediately. The website should have certain ingredient to show its optimum presence in the search engine. You should hire SEO services, which with constant perseverance develop the website. The web design and the content should be of superiority and the keywords selected for the purpose should be compatible with the website. It is a monotonous and tedious job. However, for professional it is a challenge and they go on rectifying, modifying and upgrading the subject. They have the knowledge of understanding the logarithm of search engine spiders. Once the spiders recognize it, then you have search engine optimization and your listing gets improved. Once you are listed in the first page of the search engine people will see your website and the traffic will gradually increase. The keyword for search has to well thought of, keeping in view the traffic aim. You have to be a step ahead of the opponent, for people to view the site. SEO improves the superiority of the website, which gains traffic. The keywords are vital and should have relevance with the thought and product of the website owner. Fnclips.com helps you in gaining traffic through free SMS service. In SMS service visitors to the website register and added to your mail list. All you have to do is to select the perfect category appropriate to the website and SMS users from several sites will view your submission. Meta tags are crucial for getting more traffic to the website. The keywords should have proper diffusion in the content to attract the spiders. Back links are very useful in improving traffic. Link exchange with other relevant website will draw considerable traffic. Additionally, you can submit the content in the form of article to various directories that accept article submission. It should contain correct information and the web address for visitors to refer back. White hat method is the best to present yourself for a longer period. Although black hat method gives you, a quick traffic there is risk of getting detected by the search engine and precisely the website is penalized.