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How to buy a used bike

How to Buy a Used Bike?

You’ve always dreamt about owning that bike, but you’ve always fallen short of cash. Someone may wish to sell just the bike that you badly want at a giveaway price. If you manage to find that person, you’ll soon have your dream bike.

Some people feel that used bikes should not be purchased because owners would not sell the bikes if they were still roadworthy. This is not always true. People often sell their trusty old bikes when they need money to buy a car or wish to buy another bike that has caught their fancy. The only difference between buying an old and a new vehicle is that the old vehicle has to be tested properly before it is bought. There is another difference; in the case of used vehicles, both the buyer and the seller get to decide the price. If you wish to buy a bike that has been used, you should know what factors determine the price of used vehicles.

How prices of used vehicles are fixed

The price of a new bike of the model that you wish to buy will be one of the most important factors. If you are buying a relatively new bike, you may get the manufacturer’s warranty benefits. If this benefit is not available, then the bike will come at a cheaper rate. The age of the bike and the number of kilometers it has covered also determines the price. As a buyer, you should remember to ask for the garage history of the bike. Try to avoid bikes that have been repaired too many times.

How to find a seller

Often it is difficult to find a seller who has just the bike that you want. Some second hand bikes dealers may be able offer some options, but they’ll keep their cut. Now you needn’t give these dealers your hard earned money because there are websites which allow bike owners to advertise the bike that they wish to sell. If you keep a tab on the advertisements that are published in these sites, you’re more likely to find a bike owner and strike a deal with him. Since some of these portals do even charge money for advertising, sellers are only too happy to use the free e-space to get in touch with the buyers.

After you zero in on the motorcycle that you will purchase, you should take for a test drive. Once you’re happy with the performance, hand over the cash and the machine is yours’!

Learn more about affordable solar panels for homes

Learn More About Affordable Solar Panels For Homes

With all the attention that these solar panels have been getting, you might be one of those individuals who want to give this “new fangled technology” a go. Considering that you will be able to save a lot of money when it comes to your electricity bills, you may wonder how much you would have to pay in order to have solar power in your own home. Well, the answer of course is that these solar panels cost quite a lot but this is only in the beginning. The whole process will involve some specialised engineering know-how and the materials that you have to gather will include PV or photovoltaic cells, so all in all, it can be very expensive. Additionally, since this has become very popular, there are some suppliers who take advantage of their clients and demand higher prices, charging a premium for their products and services. However, you should not concentrate on the initial solar panel costs because over time they will pay back what they originally cost in the form of clean, green energy and reduced electricity bills.

We are aware that this kind of alternative energy is not yet carefully conventional to the majority of people. Most of them consider that the technologies concerned in solar panel installation are not optimized sufficiently. In addition, they are not persuaded with this source of energy as there are only a small number of companies that stay active in the market to give solar power mounting systems for their customers. With these issues, there is no question that many of them have high costs for the power systems. Now, if you have higher power requirements, this will denote more operating costs for you in the solar panel installation.

So, how much do these solar panels cost? Approximately, a single panel that can generate 4.5 amperes is at least three hundred dollars. You will also need to purchase regulators, meters, wiring, brackets and other utilities that will be needed in the harnessing setup. This will increase the cost by another couple of hundred dollars. All in all, you will have to spend a total of four or five hundred dollars for a single panel system. Most of us will be hesitating at this stage since this is quite a substantial investment, which is why the adoption of solar panels remains quite low.

However, there are new improvements that are being used by do-it-yourself solar panels devotees. Currently, you can make your own power system at your residence that makes use of photovoltaic cells. For merely 200 dollars, you can construct your own power system and then be free from the high electric bills that you have been paying for in quite a lot of years now.

You have the option to decide whether you should go for DIY or commercial route. If you want to power up your whole dwelling using the commercialized one, you will need to pay out a total of 30 000 up to 50 000 dollars. For the homemade version, the entire solar power for your dwelling will only require you to spend 1000 to 2000 dollars.

Keeping clients in a down economy: is giving or taking better for your bottom line

Keeping Clients in a Down Economy: Is Giving or Taking Better for Your Bottom Line?

Times are tough. There’s no doubt about it.

That said, I had my best month ever in March and quarter 1 was my best quarter ever. In fact, I’m on target to surpass my 2008 revenue by June 30th.

I don’t tell you that to brag, I tell you so that you can learn from what I’m doing, which, by the way, is almost the exact opposite of what I’m seeing many others doing.

Hmm. . .interesting to note that I’m doing the opposite of a lot of other business owners and am having my best year ever-to-date.

So what’s my secret?

Quite simply, in an economy where most business owners are scaling back and taking things away from their programs, and therefore their clients, I’m adding goodies and little perks.

Rather than spend more time, energy and money to recruit new clients, I’m showing current clients how much I value them by going above and beyond, thus creating raving fans who are telling others and then those others are coming to me.

Is every person I speak with hiring me?

Of course not, when it’s a good fit and a win/win for us both, we get together. When not, we had a great conversation and now know more about each other (a new connection is always a good thing!).

Here are a few examples of what I do which may inspire you with your clients and leads:

* Send a welcome gift to new Team Sandy clients (it’s a book which I highly recommend and feel everyone should read)
* Send a different welcome gift to new private clients
* Send a handwritten card to new clients and those I have a strategy session with
* Send items via snail mail and yes, incur the ongoing fulfillment cost, if I think it adds to the program and increases the client’s experience
*Send flowers or other appropriate gifts to clients who have a breakthrough or realize a great success (recent examples include a client who signed a book contract with a major publisher, another who stopped taking insurance and a 3rd who launched a membership program in an industry where you wouldn’t expect one and quickly got her first sign-up)

You see, it isn’t about how much revenue you can bring in — it IS about how the client feels when doing business with you:

* Does she feel valued?
* Does she feel your work together far outweighs the investment?
* And, even when it’s time to move on from the relationship, does she know that she’s welcome back and that valued for your time together?

If you’re unsure in any way about how your clients would answer to the above 3 questions, it’s time to either ask or amp up the quality of your client experience.

After all, without clients you don’t have a business. . .