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How to keep your teenager’s phone use under control

How to Keep Your Teenager’s Phone Use Under Control

Ah, the teenage years.  It’s a time when a young person’s personality begins to emerge and they are more interested than ever in the peer group.  Teenage social interaction comes in many forms, but the one thing that holds it all together is the phone.  And even though instant messages and email have replaced many older means of communication, there will never be a replacement for teenagers talking on the phone.

Keep an eye on bills throughout the month

Keep all your phone bills each month.  Then go back and review them in detail.  Pay attention to the timing of the calls (peak hours are more expensive) and unnecessary calls.  From this information, create a set of ground rules that your teen needs to follow in order to keep all their phone privileges.

Try a Pre-Paid phone plan

If you’ve ever opened up your monthly phone bill and found hundreds of extra charges due to overages, you know that it’s an experience you never want to go through again.  To help keep your teen’s phone use under control, try purchasing a pre-paid phone, or supplying minutes your child’s cell with a pre-paid calling card.  With these plans in place, you know that there is absolutely NO way they can call over their limit.

Be firm and stay safe

It is important that your teenager understands that their phone is a privilege and not a right.  The more they realize that fact, the more responsible their actions will be.  Also, it is incredibly important to explain to them the importance of phone safety.  No teenager should be talking on the phone while driving – even with a hands-free device.  Recent research has shown that teenagers talking on the phone represent the highest risk individuals in terms of getting into an accident.  Also, make sure that your child knows how to protect their phone from theft – and understands that they should never leave it out on a table or exposed in an open purse or knapsack.

Try a lower cost alternative

Bills for traditional land line phones or cell service can add up quick.  One lower-cost option you might want to try is VOIP service.  VOIP (or “Voice Over Internet Protocol”) is a new technology that allows individuals to make calls using their high-speed internet connection.  VOIP calling is inexpensive and even offers FREE calls to those who are also with the same carrier.  And because your teen may not want to sit at a computer for all their calls, Wi-Fi capable cell phones allow them to use digital phone service via VOIP wherever there is an Internet connection.

Make your teen an active part of the process

Sometimes, kids don’t even realize how many minutes they are racking up over the course of a month.  For this reason, a little financial education might be in order.  Sit down with your teen and show them how and when they are making their calls.  Teach them important lessons about money and responsibility.  This will help keep your phone bill lower, but more importantly will instill in them important values they can use for the rest of their lives.

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How to make tri-strand bead necklaces

How to Make Tri-strand Bead Necklaces

If it is true as they say that a cord of three strands is not easily broken then this tri-strand beaded necklace ought to last till eternity. The simple design is a dream to make, the perfect item for freshers and yet it has an elegance and sophistication to it which is missing in projects by freshers.

To make a tri-strand necklace, you will require – craft thread, a needle, a pair of sharp scissors, a necklace clasp of any kind. You may use the barrel closures 3 packages of 11/0 seed beads.

Once you make the necklace and get the knack of it, you might like to experiment with various beads. Like, utilizing three different sizes of seed pearls, with the smallest on top and largest at bottom, it gives a stunning layered outlook. You can also make two strands out of pearls and one out of cloisonn?. For the time being you should stick to the simple form of bead forms; the seed bead, a fun, elegant, yet inexpensive choice.

A word of caution about your needle; the eye should be large enough to thread easily, but small enough to slip through your beads easily. Always test needle and make sure that it slips through two or three beads to ensure that it will pass easily through the hole.

To start cut three strands of your craft thread. One should be 21 inches, second should be 17 inches and third should be 13 inches. You might wish to change sizes of these threads once you have made this first necklace.

Start with the shortest thread the 13 inch, thread the needles and string the beads. It would be ideal if you stop 2 inches short of the end of thread, it will give you length to tie off the thread.

You have to be very careful at this stage, without loss of any bead, thread the end of 13 inch strand via the second half of your necklace clasp and tie it on. This will prevent the beads from falling off smallest strand while you do the other two.

Repeat the process with the 17 inch and 21 inch threads stopping 2 inches short of the end and tie them to the necklace clasp. Once you have finished the strands, add a drop of glue to the knots of first half and second half of the clasp to add strength to the knots. After you have completed, you should have three swags of beads roughly 18, 14 and 10 inches respectively.

Since these necklaces are so simple and easy to make, they are a big craft experience for children of 8 and above. Teens may also make and exchange these necklaces and children will discover that they are great Mother’s day gifts. Children would most probably prefer to work with layer beads because they are easy to work with. A nice 05/0 or 06/0 bead is normally best for kids 8-12 and some grownups also may prefer larger beads. Tri-strand necklaces bead necklaces may be made with any kind of beads and in any kind of colors and a pendant may be added to the lowest strand, making it the most versatile of all bead necklaces.

Job interviews – more success secrets for people who want more out of life

Job Interviews – More Success Secrets for People Who Want More Out of Life

Job interviews are hardly anyone’s favourite hobby. They can be boring, nerve wrecking and challenging to say the least. However, with the right attitude job interviews can be a creative and highly rewarding process. The following ideas and strategies are guaranteed to help you succeed at job interviews and make the career changes you desire.

1. Find the problem – You are being interviewed because the prospective employer has ongoing or potential problems that need to be solved on a regular basis. Consequently, your job interview success depends on how well you prove your problem-solving capabilities. Find out more about your prospective employer’s wants and needs by conducting vigorous research. For instance you can carry out internet searches, speak to relevant staff, read company literature and browse through press archives.

2. Find the solution – Anyone can identify problems but it takes a winning candidate to create helpful solutions. Whilst preparing for your job interview, seek a thorough understanding of your prospective employer’s wants and needs then brainstorm for ideas and strategies that can satisfy those wants and needs. The more solutions you can proffer, the more capable you will appear. However, try not to give away too many valuable ideas at the interview stage. Just say enough to demonstrate your expertise and generate some positive interest.

3. Fire your desire – During the job interview, your interviewers will want to know if you genuinely want the job so don’t hamper your chances by exhibiting nonchalant behaviour. Whilst preparing for the interview, fire your desire by repeatedly visualising yourself in the new role. Remember that, sooner or later, you will attract whatever you choose to focus your attention on. Be sure to maintain high levels of confidence whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground. If you carry out your due diligence and remain persistent, you will succeed at job interviews and make the career changes you desire.

4. Get inside knowledge – It’s important to find out, beforehand, what format the job interview is going to take. Will you be asked behavioural and situational questions for instance? Will you be required to take psychological tests or make a special presentation? The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be. It also helps to find out basic information about your prospective interviewers. How many people will be interviewing you on the day? What are their names? What age group do they belong to? What are their roles within the company? Again, if you know what to expect, you’ll feel more confident at the interview. Contact prospective employers, recruitment agents and other reliable persons for insider information then adjust your responses to suit your interviewers’ preferred style.

5. Get help – People sometimes struggle with job interview preparation because they try to do everything by themselves. But why bear the burden yourself when you can easily get others to help you? For instance, you can get close relatives to practice likely questions and answers with you or pay the neighbourhood whiz kid to do some research on your behalf. If you are one of those people who can’t figure out what ‘smart casual’ really means, get a fashionable friend to help you choose what to wear on the big day. If your morale is low, ask your nearest and dearest for encouragement and support. Remember that even the most unlikely people can offer unique perspectives and nuggets of wisdom too.

6. Do your best – It is true that you can only do your best, but aim to make your best good enough. Speak clearly and confidently at the job interview whilst maintaining your natural style. For instance, if you are a slow talker don’t try to speak quickly just because you want to sound keen on the job and if you are the serious sort don’t try to be overtly humorous either. Maintain eye contact with your interviewers throughout the interview as this will make you come across as honest, confident and intelligent. Just be your best self and you’ll make a positive impact at the job interview.

7. Follow up – Never leave the interview room without a contact name and direct telephone number you can use for follow up purposes. However, make sure you find out how long you should wait before soliciting job interview feedback. It is wise to send a thank you note a few days after the final interview and to ring for information within agreed time scales. If more follow up is required do so no more than twice per week, contacting the key decision makers (usually the interviewers) directly where possible. Do exhibit polite and professional behaviour at all times.

Well prepared candidates usually do well at job interviews. Remember the afore mentioned ideas and strategies and you too can edge out the competition, get the job of your dreams and enjoy true career fulfilment.