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Internet marketing: making a name for yourself

Internet Marketing: Making a Name for Yourself

They are what we call as professionals. They are individuals with recognized knowledge and expertise on a certain field of endeavor. They are entitled by law and existing policies to practice their respective professions. They are worthy of the standards of their profession, giving them legal licenses to practice their respective professions. Thus, they are the “authorities” in their respective field of endeavors.

Along with their tag as professionals, these individuals are bounded by proper etiquette with regards to their actions and behaviors. As professionals, they are expected to deliver required services to the public and at the same time deal with other individuals and professionals in an appropriate manner. They are looked upon as leaders; thus they are expected to act as real professionals when dealing with their work and other people.

Professionals are everywhere-in various construction sites, real estate markets, hospitals, county courts, and other places. Even the Internet marketing industry is surrounded by various professionals-Internet business consultants, web content writers, software developers, web designers, and others.

Thus, the Internet marketing is a pool of web-based professionals who are working not just for their personal interest but for the development of the industry as well. But what does it take to be considered as one of the Internet marketing professionals?

As previously mentioned, the definition of a professional revolves around the concept of “an individual who has recognized knowledge and expertise on a certain field of endeavor”. As a professional, you are considered to be worthy of the standards of your profession. You need to show to the world that you are really worth to be considered as a professional through creating a professional image.

However, building a professional image is not as easy as you think. In fact, it entails a great deal of time and effort. Your knowledge and expertise is not just the working factor here. You must also consider the conduct of your business in a professional manner, especially on the Internet where you are dealing with clients whom you do not know and you do not see.

Now, how will you start building your professional image? Consider the following aspects in creating your image on the Internet marketing industry.

•    Your attitude is among the most essential aspects in creating your professional image on the Internet. It can either make you or kill your career in an instant. The manner you deal with your fellow Internet marketers, clients, and the concerns they want you to answer such as questions, comments, and compliments will reflect on your professionalism as a reputable Internet marketer.

•    Courtesy is also an important factor. As previously mentioned, you are dealing with people whom you are not seeing and you do not know. Despite of that gap, make your “unseen” clients feel that they are very much appreciated. You must be respectful and warm in accommodating their queries and concern. Even in words, always express your gratitude to them.

•    Honesty is the best policy. Do not mislead your web-based clients or else you will lose them. Remember that you have to earn their trust for you to build long-term relationships with them.

•    When dealing with your clients, always go above and beyond their expectations. Always listen to the concerns of your clients. As a professional, you are expected to hear from your clients even if you know and understand most of the aspects of your Internet marketing business.

•    Unsatisfied clients always complain about poor technical support. You need to make yourself personally available to assist your clients with their needs. If possible, respond to their emails and return their call as fast as possible.

•    Although it is a loss if you will refund the money of unsatisfied clients, you need to. Do not argue with the issue or blast nasty things unto them. Always be apologetic, courteous, and know why they are unsatisfied. Remember the rule that “customers are always right”, even if you feel that they are wrong.

•    Your website is the reflection of yourself and your Internet marketing business. It must be professional-looking, complete with product and contact information, and easy ordering protocol.

•    Be respectful to your fellow Internet marketers. Keep in mind that you must build a friendly competition on the business and not on personal preferences.

Internet marketing professionals possess those aforementioned aspects. Thus, before getting respect from the Internet community, show to them that you are worthy of their respect and build a professional image on the Internet.

Is your leadership style okay with being wrong

Is Your Leadership Style Okay With Being Wrong?

Congratulations to those of you brave enough to open this article. Some of my readers would have instantly deleted anything that hinted at them being anything less than perfect, certainly ‘wrong.’

Take a moment to asses your initial reaction to this title. Were you intrigued, curious, or perhaps agitated? How you react says a whole lot about the kind of leader you are.

Every great leader has a strong competitive streak that helps them stay ahead of their game. However, when this streak interferes with learning, it quickly brings them down. We learn from both what we do right and where we err. It might be tough to hear the truth about mistakes you make, but avoiding this learning experience sets you up for even more difficulties.

Face it, sometimes you are purely off base; you’ve missed the cue. Yes, even you are dead wrong. So, what does your reaction says about you?

Denialyou are not in touch with the reality of the situation and of those whom you lead. If you are told there is a ‘situation’ a true leader takes it seriously, pulling in the necessary resources to get to the bottom of the problem.

Agitationyour ego keeps you locked into a very narrow perspective. Take a breath, widen your view and ask questions. There is more to the story. Those all around, below, and above you have valuable insight. Listen intently and get help for that ego.

Blameby now you know that this is not a leadership style, but rather the behavior of a victim to look at the problem rather than the solution. Look no farther than in the mirror to correct the situation.

Premature Apologyyou lead with a reactionary impulse. This weakens your stance and how others view you. Wait until you have the appropriate data to fully understand the scenario. Sincerity, a comprehensive understanding of the problem and plan of action are keys here.

Caution/Intrigue/Curiosityyou lead with your mind, combined with your heart and wisdom gained through experience. You are eager to assess the damage, put all the pieces together (not the people, but rather the activities that could have taken place) and then to form a plan of action

In this latter scenario, you immediately take steps learn more in order to:

1) not make the same mistake again, and, 2) discover what you missed the first time around.

You can then build and incorporate a plan of action and move forward. If you opt out, you’ll remain right where you are now: buried in denial, blaming others, and having to apologize for things you just don’t see clearly.

Purposely ask someone to challenge you this week to assess your reaction. Have them say the words to you: “You’re wrong, dead wrong.Tell yourself honestly if one of the above M. O.s is your style. Then notice your visceral response:

Physical sensation (gut reaction, goose bumps, tightened chest) Emotional surge (sad, angry, hurt) Intuitive hit (I believe him, I doubt what she is saying, I missed the financial piece) How does it feel to be wrong, brave, and perfect? Have a wonderful week exploring ‘you!’ Enjoy your process!

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Is live smart 360 the business for you

Is Live Smart 360 the Business for You?

LiveSmart 360 has done it real big, One Million Dollars in the first week after their official launch. They had a unique techique of letting people join the company for FREE in their PRE-Launch before 5/15/10 that caused a noise in the indsutry. A lot of the buzz came because LiveSmart 360 was giving individuals the opportunity to join their business for F-R-E-E. Thsi was smart because distributors could join and havbe their team grow before the company officially launched. This was a great idea because if you acted fast and jumped in when the official launch started you would have had a massive down line.

During Pre-Launch, they did not reveal the details of the compensation plan. People joined the opportunity because they knew who the Owners were. Would you join a company that had experienced leaders in the industry that has build Billion Dollar Companies? If a new company was starting and I knew the leaders had been in the industry for years and has helped build Billion Dollar Companies, would join that compnay. Yes you would, because you know the end result is going to lead to success. They have have leaders in the company that has years of experience.

You will not find another company like LiveSmart 360,With LiveSmart 360, you will get paid on everyone who joins after you. Don’t misunderstand this is a multi-level Marketing business and you do need to bring people into your down line. The business has a lot of rewards but you should look at the smartline as a perk.

LiveSmart 360 is growing fast. Most of the Network Marketers that has joined LiveSmart 360 are top leaders in the companies. Most of the Network Marketers that has joined LiveSmart 360 are top leaders in the companies. On thier blog and website, their popular saying is that no one gets left behine. No matter whom you sponsor you; all leaders are willing and available to help.

LiveSmart 360 is now is phase 2. They are now giving individuals the opportunity to join for free again.They want everyone to be excited again and they are letting people join for FREE again. Once someone joins, they are giving them time to learn what 360 is about and they can build their downline for FREE. As you know, the leaders in the beginning always receive the most rewards.

People are calling 360 the last Network Marketing Business you will join. They have many rewards for their members.
We have a BMW bonus, VIP Bonus, Cruise Bonus and so much more.
They offer a system that can be duplicated.