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Initiating performance appraisal discussions

Initiating Performance Appraisal Discussions

Too often, participants in performance appraisal meetings seem awkward and uncomfortable. To some extent, that’s unavoidable – it’s always a bit awkward for one person to deliver a formal assessment of the quality of work performed by another.

But following some simple suggestions can eliminate a lot of the awkwardness in performance appraisal meetings. Here are a couple of tips that will help put both players at ease. (In Part 2 of this article, I’ll provide some additional suggestions.)

Gather Your Appraisal Information and Materials in Advance

The most important item you need to have is a copy of the individual’s performance appraisal. That’s obvious. But that’s not all.

At the beginning of the year you and the individual probably had a performance planning meeting. Ideally, the individual would have taken notes on a blank copy of the appraisal form and made a copy for you. That document should have all of the key items that you discussed during the meeting. Be sure you have a copy of that planning document in case a question about the original goals comes up.

You’ll also need information about the individual’s performance, particularly if there are some areas where the performance varied significantly from your expectations. Whether the variation was in a positive or negative direction, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate why you assigned the rating that you did. If the assessment is that the individual’s performance was less than you desired, then it’s critically important that you have all of the evidence you used in order to come to that “Unsatisfactory” or “Need Improvement” performance appraisal rating. There’s a magic phrase to use here. That phrase is, “For example . . .” Make sure you’ve got plenty of examples that support a less-than-satisfactory evaluation.

You may want to have a copy of the individual’s development plan. You may want to have copies of weekly reports that the individual submitted that described progress against the goals that were set. You can’t make a mistake by having too much support material. It will prevent the embarrassment of being unable to find anything of substance to justify the rating you gave.

Make a List
What are the key points that you want to cover during the discussion? In addition to having a copy of the performance appraisal, write down a list of the most important items you want to discuss. It’s easy to refer to them during the meeting to make sure that everything that needs to be discussed gets covered.

Pick an Appropriate Place
Probably most performance appraisal discussions take place in the manager’s office, with the manager behind the desk and the appraisee sitting directly in front of it.

Is that the best place to hold the discussion? It may well be, particularly if the performance appraisal is not very good and the manager wants to trot out all of the power and authority available to make the subordinate understand that immediate change is necessary. But too often the authoritarian, boss-behind-the-desk arrangement serves to emphasize the power relationship at a time when a more collegial approach might be more effective.

More important than the actual location where the discussion ends up taking place is the decision-making process the manager engages in to determine that location. Too often, managers conduct the performance appraisal discussion behind their desks by default – they haven’t given any thought to the matter and just let it happen in the place where they are most comfortable.

There are several other alternatives possible. The manager’s office might not offer complete privacy, particularly if walls are thin or it’s a cubicle arrangement. In this case a conference room or the temporarily vacant office of an out-of town senior manager might be pressed into service. If the performance appraisal contains good news and the two participants in the appraisal drama are old colleagues, it might best be conducted over a cup of coffee in the cafeteria. And if it is conducted in the manager’s office, just a little furniture rearrangement might reduce the hierarchical nature of the discussion.

If the performance appraisal does indeed contain bad news, and particularly if the manager believes that it will take a dramatic gesture to bring home the message of “Change or else!”, the appraiser’s boss’s office might be a good location. Having your boss give you your performance appraisal in her boss’s office – with her boss sitting in as an observer / reinforcer – certainly communicates the seriousness of the message being delivered.

But beware the unusual location. The district sales manager who gives one of her sales reps his annual performance appraisal while the two of them are in the car, driving down the highway on route to a new prospect’s office, is exercising bad judgment. So too is any manager who selects a location significantly away from a business setting, unless the necessity for conducting the performance review at that time, in that location, is obvious to both players.

These are some small suggestions that will help to reduce the awkwardness that always seems to surround the performance appraisal discussion. In Part 2, I’ll provide a couple more tips that will help put both players at ease.

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How To Make Money Trading Stocks Online

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Irresistible to the black & gold charm of swatch 2009, christmas series

Irresistible to the black & gold charm of Swatch 2009, Christmas series

There is still a long way to go before Christmas Day arrives, but Swatch has taken the priority to launch its Christmas series, showing us the ultimate beauty of the combination of black and gold. Especially the ” Star Edition” and “Infinite Elegance”, they ultimately deduced the charm and unique beauty of holy Christmas. See more series below.

I mostly like the star edition wrist watch which is the best product to celebrate Christmas Day. Set in whole black, the skeleton watch dial in stars structure and the golden and shining stars pattern on the strap describe the wonderful night of Christmas Eve. The golden light under the decoration of white crystal are dazzling to sting one’s eyes. On the holy and peaceful night, you are prone to get drunk by its beauty. Elegant, mysterious with unique charm, the star edition is specially packaged. Plus the limited edition, I think it tend to be the best present for Christmas.

1) Golden flowers
The golden bloomy flowers extend from the watch dial to the strap perfectly deduced an extraordinarily classic taste. This kind of lady watch with dignified air forms a strong vision effect of the golden and black by exquisitely design. The fluent flower curves give the wearer a misconception that they are wandering through the dream garden with golden flowers.

2) Gold-Lux
This watch delivers a beauty of architecture with the regular curves and abstract pattern. Set in fashionable square watch case, it deduces a feel of generous art. Simplicity features the dial in magic black. I especially like the design of its strap decorated by the golden architectural pattern. These two combinations make us sigh for its amazing design. At the position of twelve o’clock, the single dazzling crystal marking on the black dial looks like the shining star in the night sky. Golden hands in simple design precisely show the time.

3) Perles D’ Encre
This bracelet wrist watch can be worn as a timer as well as a bracelet. The black big pearls deliver the mysterious charm of night. Golden chains plus half-transparent pearls make up the unique watch strap, absolutely sexy and elegant to you. Eight dazzling symmetry white crystal are enchased on the black dial which add more luxurious charm to the whole.

4) Dark Sun
The elegant Irony Chrono Retrograde attracts the customers by the black crocodile embossed leather strap with folded buckle. Shiny black golden case and brass bezel are consistent with the buckle. We can see that the usage of color and material are of great taste and quality. It sets off the dignified air by dial details.

5) Shimmer Bliss
It’s classic representative of orient taste. Full painted golden flower pattern on the patent leather strap, this skin style ultimately interprets elegance. Gold symbolizes wealth and luck. Personally, it’s the best present for family, friends or even for yourself.

6) Lordly Essence
Cool and black pentagram, dazzling white crystal and elegant white round pearls features the Swatch jewelry for the approaching Christmas. With such jewelry to package yourself, you easily become the focus in the public. Every move you take is a personal charm.