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How eat mediterranean to save the heart

How Eat Mediterranean to Save the Heart!

According to experts, you can reduce the risk of heart disease by 15 percent if you choose to eat Mediterranean diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, olive oil, and light on red meat for three months. This was what the research study reported in 2005.

More than 200 men and women who were at moderate risk of heart disease were divided into two groups: one was assigned to eat a Mediterranean diet while the other one was assigned to eat low-fat diet for three months. People on Mediterranean diet were instructed to eat fish four times a week and red meat only once a week. Red wine is allowed with daily two glasses for men and one glass for women. For people on the low-fat diet, they were asked to eat poultry instead of beef, port or mutton; and fish two or three times a week, and were encouraged to eat fruit and vegetables, low-fat daily products and vegetable oils.

While the recommendations were not strictly followed by all the participants, eating habits did show a change in both groups. Both groups also indicated a small but significant drop in body mass index, an indicator for obesity.

There was a total cholesterol drop of 7.5 percent among the participants who were on the Mediterranean diet, while the total cholesterol had experienced a fall of 4.5 percent for those on low-fat diet. Based on this reduction, the overall cardiovascular risk fell 15 percent with the Mediterranean diet and 9 percent with the low-fat diet.

Besides fending off heart disease, Mediterranean diet appears to prevent gallstones too. A study conducted over a period of 14 years (from 1986 to 2000) on 45,756 men had published a report in 2004 that Mediterranean diet did help to reduce the risk of gallstones by almost 20 percent.

What is Mediterranean diet? Centuries before Christ, the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea was colonized by the Phoenicians, Greeks and Roman, who shared a basic cultivation of wheat, olives, and grapes. These were later used to produce bread, oil, and wine – 3 components that are still very important in today’s Mediterranean diet. When one talks about Mediterranean food, fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs are immediately spring to mind. Olive oil, the core element that makes Mediterranean food so popular nowadays, contains a high proportion of mono-unsaturated oil.

It is important that ingredients should be fresh and of the highest quality in order to have a true taste of healthy Mediterranean food. Besides vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, fish, and olive oil, Mediterranean diet also uses other ingredients such as dairy produce, pulses, herbs, spices, and some preserves and pickles to add varieties to the taste.

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Italian food recipes

Italian Food Recipes

Italian food is famous throughout the world for being healthy, delicious and easy to prepare. Catering for a variety of tastes, famous Italian food includes pizza, pasta dishes with a variety of sauces as well as a variety of red meat dishes. Whatever your preferences, you can be sure to find a great Italian dish that you will love.

Mushroom Pesto Lasagna

This is a great dish to allow vegetarians to have a taste of Italy! For best results you should make with fresh egg pasta rather than using dried lasagna noodles. This can be served along with parmesan cheese for best results.

Shrimp Scampi

Getting this recipe right involves cooking the scampi to perfection. This recipe is great with garlic and butter, while serving crusty bread alongside it will ensure that diners have an opportunity to sop up any residual sauce.

Fish Soup with Gremolata

This can be found in different forms and with different regional takes throughout Italy. The seafood you decide to use can vary based on the preferences of the diner, and what is available for you to use at a given time. Usually cooked in white wine, this dish was originates from the Adriatic coast where it first became popular decades ago.

Chicken Scarpariello

This is a dish which is often referred to as being Italian American, translating as shoemakers chicken, the dish comprises of chicken in a lemon sauce. The chicken should be cooked until golden brown and the meal should be served alongside a dry white wine.

Chicken Marsala

This is a unique dish because it looks so elegant that it is suitable for the most sophisticated of occasions, however it is so easy to prepare. The dish is healthy because it is does not use much oil, and the chicken is usually served in a bed of flavored herb rice, alternatively it can also be served alongside potatoes.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

The trick to perfecting this recipe is to use the best possible ingredients you can find and take advantage of them. The quality of chopped tomatoes that you use can really make or break this dish. If you are making the meatballs then you could either opt for beef and veal or beef and turkey; they are probably the most suited to the sauce.

Beef Carpaccio

This dish consists of thin slices of raw beef and is generally served as an appetizer or a starter. The dish was originally conceived in Harry’s Bar in Venice where it has since became popular throughout the world. The variations between Arugula Leaves, lemon wedges and raw beef make the taste so unique.

Zuppa Toscana

This dish consists of turkey sausage, onions, bacon and potatoes. Although not an overly healthy recipe, that does not stop thousands of people around the world naming it their favorite Italian dish of all time. A great aspect of this dish is that it can really be tailored to anyone’s taste, such as changing the ratio of Chicken Broth and heavy cream – or alternatively including or leaving out certain meats.

Industrial air pressure hoses procure the best

Industrial air pressure hoses procure the best

Industrial air pressure hoses can be put to myriad applications. There are certain hoses which are designed to handle anhydrous ammonia up to specified working pressures; these hoses are made of PVC compounds and come with strong reinforcements. As many of us know, anhydrous ammonia can be damaging to the eyes and lungs in both liquid and gaseous vapor states. It would not be wrong to say that the use of ineffective hoses can lead to fatal accidents in industrial environments. Choosing the right kind of industrial air pressure hoses therefore becomes extremely necessary and important.

Industrial air pressure hoses that are designed efficiently and cost effectively using the best quality materials are much in demand. One can use them in myriad industrial applications; there are some which can be used for general industrial needs. There are others which are used for more specific needs. Irrespective to the uses to which they are put, there are certain features which are desirable in these industrial hoses. These products need to be resistant to heat, weather, chemicals, oil, flame, and abrasion. The hoses need to come with a maximum life so that they can be used for long. The hoses need to be safe to handle and ensure maximum on the job productivity.

The reinforced PVC hoses – to take a specific case in point – can be used to convey a wide variety of materials from water on the one hand to hazardous chemicals on the other. These and other industrial hoses are available in different sizes and specifications. When procured from a reputed provider, these products often meet or exceed the established industrial standards.

Some leading providers of industrial air pressure hoses, PVC hoses, and airoflex air hoses are currently making their presence felt in the online marketplace. These online manufacturers are using right profile PVC compounds and coming up with some innovative products in this sector. The internal braided reinforcements which are a part of many of these hose systems make them ideal for both high as well as low pressure industrial applications.

To know more about industrial air pressure hoses, airoflex air hoses, airoflex air tubing, braided air gas hoses and more, you can visit terraflexhoses.