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How boomer women business owners do well and do good

How Boomer Women Business Owners Do Well And Do Good

Baby Boomer women have a lifetime of experience, skills, self-knowledge, and wisdom that make them well qualified to start and grow a business of their own. Now in their 50s and 60s, this generation is ready to take charge of their lives in new ways.

Free of the time demands associated with raising children and confident enough to find work that inspires them, these women are turning their hobbies, passions, or professional expertise into businesses of their own.

But this will not be “business as usual.” In a fast-changing and turbulent world, Baby Boomer women are ready to create greater meaning in their own lives and in the lives of others through their entrepreneurial initiatives. Many are committed to doing “well” by building a successful business, while doing “good” in the world at the same time. Success to many Baby Boomer women involves working in a business they are passionate about, not just one that can pay the bills or provide luxury items.

While the majority of entrepreneurs may start their businesses with big financial goals, there are more important aspects involved in a Baby Boomer business plan. Here are Five Cs that can be used to clearly define the priorities of many Baby Boomers in how they will build and operate their own businesses:

* They have Concern for the world in which we live, and their business will reflect that concern.
* They make Connections with others, and have a need for socializing and networking.
* They build Community.
* They express themselves Creatively, and are not afraid to think outside the box or take actions that are a bit outside the ordinary.
* They value Character in making decisions.

Although serious about earning a living and generating a profit, Baby Boomer women see transitioning into self-employment while still maintaining their current career, or after their retirement, as a way to give back to society and to make a difference. At this stage of life, they strive to live their values and use their strengths to create a business that reflects their authentic selves.

No longer is it contradictory for businesses to do well and do good. Watch for a growing number of Baby Boomer women-owned businesses that change the nature of our business community by leading the way with businesses that:

* Strengthen our economy
* Enrich our communities with meaning
* Address society’s social problems and work to provide solutions
* Model a new way to live life after 50 that doesn’t necessarily include long hours in the rocking chair on the front porch

For companies that want to serve the ever increasing market of women baby boomer business owners, it’s important that their motivations at this mid-life stage of their lives are understood. Although this is a diverse group, be mindful of the general tendency at mid-life to have a strong desire to give something back, participate in activities and events that are meaningful and to create a legacy. Speak the language of this market to gain their attention and understand their passions.

How to get a job in the next 30 days

How to Get a Job in the Next 30 Days

“Besides, if you’re going to work 40+ hours per week somewhere, shouldn’t you be passionate about it?”

The Strategy: Be Passionate

First, here’s the strategy. Be passionate and enthusiastic about your next job and it will be very hard for a prospective employer to not hire you. Think about it: do you want to work with someone who loves their job or is there just to collect a paycheck? Do you want to work with someone who is excited about their role or someone who resents it? The answer is obvious yet so few people infuse this energy into what they’re doing. Find a job, a company, a role or a team that you can bring enthusiasm to and you are destined to get the job. Of course, feigning enthusiasm may not work, so here are the steps to finding your passion and your next job.

Step 1: Know Where You Want To Work

This may be the hardest part for most job seekers: where do you want to work. Start by defining the environment you thrive in. Do you like large offices or small offices. Do you like working in big companies or little ones. Do you like interacting with people or do you prefer machines. Can you sit at a desk all day or do you want to be out and about. Ask yourself questions about the environment that makes you happy and once you’ve answered those questions, go find the companies that offer those environments. You don’t have to stick to the industry you came from either – just find the companies whose environments you can thrive in.

Step 2: Get To Know Your New Employer

Imagine this… You’ve just met your dream girl or dream guy (or dream rockstar, sports star, movie star, etc). If you had a chance to go on a date with them, wouldn’t you know everything you could possibly know about them before the date? Personally, I would find out what their favorite food, color and cologne was, whether they liked nightlife or museums, etc. The same thing applies to your next job.

Anything you can find out about your dream company will help you land your next role. Scour their website and find out how the company was founded, what their core beliefs are, what products they offer, the markets they serve, who is on their team, etc. Call people who work at the company and invite them to lunch so you can ask them about the company culture and what they think about the company. Get to know your future company and that knowledge will naturally come out as enthusiasm when you interview and ultimately work there.

Step 3: Write A Winning Cover Letter and Resume

Wait! Don’t stop reading. I know most people get hung up on the resume and cover letter part but that’s because most people don’t really know what the purpose of a resume is and how to build one. A resume has one, and only one purpose: to get you an interview. That’s it. Resumes cannot truly show you off, nor can they tell your life story, so only put the details into your resume that will show the employer benefits and get you the interview. “Benefits” is the key word here. Don’t say that you managed a team of 10 people, instead say that you “develop, manage and lead teams to deliver projects on time”. Don’t say that you were responsible for business development and sales, instead say “grew revenues by 15%” or “built new relationships with ten key partners”, etc. Show benefits that people can relate to, not roles and responsibilities that people must interpret.

Second, your cover letter needs to show your enthusiasm. Tell your future employer that you want to be on their team and give them a good reason to want to at least interview you. For example, I once wrote to a prospective employer the following in the closing paragraph of my cover letter:

“I know I belong working among internet technologies. And after discovering that you are seeking to grow a practice dedicated to emerging technologies such as web-integration and sophisticated reporting systems, I find it difficult to maintain a professional appearance while communicating the excitement I have in finding you.”

Not only did I get an interview, but I got the job and received a salary that was 50% higher than the job I was leaving.

Step 4: Do The Job During The Interview

I once read an article in Fast Company magazine that said the best way to interview was to do the job during the interview. Seemed like a crazy idea, because how do you do the job when you don’t even have the job? Turns out to be one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard and it is really not that hard to do. There are two things that all employers want in a job candidate: the proven ability to think and the proven ability to learn. Thus to do the job during an interview means you need to demonstrate your ability to think and learn.

Here’s an example. Earlier this year we hired a new VP of Sales and Marketing. When he sent us his cover letter and interviewed, he was constantly doing the job as though he already had it. His letter spoke about his goals for our company – to increase our revenues (you would be amazed at how many sales people just want a job and don’t even mention that they would serve to increase our revenues!). In the interview he spoke about how he would achieve that goal – how he would transform and build our sales process.

Doing the job during your interview means to bring your ideas out and to ask learning questions that engage in the role. Don’t ask about salary; ask about the role and the process of doing that role.

There’s a lot more to be said about interviewing skills, which I’ll save for another article, but these four steps can land your dream job in the next 30 days if you apply them. It simply comes down to you finding passion for your next role and employer and showing it through your enthusiasm and positive attitude. If you can display this type of energy, you will definitely find your next job. Besides, if you’re going to work 40+ hours per week somewhere, shouldn’t you be passionate about it?

PS – For those of you who want a winning resume template and my tips for crafting your resume, email me and I will send you my resume Package for free. rwalker@efficientCEO.com.

Thanks for reading,

Richard Walker                                                                                                       (CEO/President of Quikforms)


(Blog: www.EfficientCEO.com)

(Website: www.Quikforms.com)

Jackson hole real estate

Jackson Hole Real Estate

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is an ideal vacation spot for adventure lovers and sightseers alike. Over the years, Jackson Hole has become a leading destination for a vacation in the Rocky Mountains. So, acquire a piece of Jackson Hole real estate and explore the fabulous scenery, world-class skiing, and the local arts community. Seek the assistance of a real estate agent and get a real picture of what’s available for sale.

Apart from the stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, have a front row seat to the spectacular sunset. The region’s snowboarding brings thousands of visitors every year, and many actually return to enjoy the winters. When you invest in a property here, you are surrounded by untouched wilderness.

The local golf courses designed by legends like Palmer and Trent Jones make the region an attractive destination for golf aficionados. Wherever you look, there is something for everyone. The place is also a hub of many cultural activities. The valley boasts a Center for the Arts, which houses the famous Grand Teton Music Festival. The art scene is a melting pot of artists from all over the US. The art galleries here boast of works from Andy Warhol, Liechtenstein and so on.

Jackson Hole Real Estate: What You Will Experience

Take sled dog tours of the valley. Make your trip memorable and see Eskimo work dogs in motion. The huskies are the best of breed, and enjoy a trip on snow like no other. Listen to the panting of the dogs, feel the wind in your face, and enjoy nature like you have enjoyed never before.

A piece of Jackson Hole real estate gives you a unique opportunity to go fishing on a drift boat. Bring your family, and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife with the Tetons as a backdrop. Lookup an instructor and a fisherman, and get the most of your fishing trip.

Also see the cowboys compete for the fastest run and make your weekends memorable. Kids under 12 can take part in the events as well. All they have to do is to get the ribbon tied onto a calf’s tail and win prizes.

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