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How boomer women business owners do well and do good

How Boomer Women Business Owners Do Well And Do Good

Baby Boomer women have a lifetime of experience, skills, self-knowledge, and wisdom that make them well qualified to start and grow a business of their own. Now in their 50s and 60s, this generation is ready to take charge of their lives in new ways.

Free of the time demands associated with raising children and confident enough to find work that inspires them, these women are turning their hobbies, passions, or professional expertise into businesses of their own.

But this will not be “business as usual.” In a fast-changing and turbulent world, Baby Boomer women are ready to create greater meaning in their own lives and in the lives of others through their entrepreneurial initiatives. Many are committed to doing “well” by building a successful business, while doing “good” in the world at the same time. Success to many Baby Boomer women involves working in a business they are passionate about, not just one that can pay the bills or provide luxury items.

While the majority of entrepreneurs may start their businesses with big financial goals, there are more important aspects involved in a Baby Boomer business plan. Here are Five Cs that can be used to clearly define the priorities of many Baby Boomers in how they will build and operate their own businesses:

* They have Concern for the world in which we live, and their business will reflect that concern.
* They make Connections with others, and have a need for socializing and networking.
* They build Community.
* They express themselves Creatively, and are not afraid to think outside the box or take actions that are a bit outside the ordinary.
* They value Character in making decisions.

Although serious about earning a living and generating a profit, Baby Boomer women see transitioning into self-employment while still maintaining their current career, or after their retirement, as a way to give back to society and to make a difference. At this stage of life, they strive to live their values and use their strengths to create a business that reflects their authentic selves.

No longer is it contradictory for businesses to do well and do good. Watch for a growing number of Baby Boomer women-owned businesses that change the nature of our business community by leading the way with businesses that:

* Strengthen our economy
* Enrich our communities with meaning
* Address society’s social problems and work to provide solutions
* Model a new way to live life after 50 that doesn’t necessarily include long hours in the rocking chair on the front porch

For companies that want to serve the ever increasing market of women baby boomer business owners, it’s important that their motivations at this mid-life stage of their lives are understood. Although this is a diverse group, be mindful of the general tendency at mid-life to have a strong desire to give something back, participate in activities and events that are meaningful and to create a legacy. Speak the language of this market to gain their attention and understand their passions.

Iso 9001 tips sheet

Iso 9001 Tips Sheet

Iso 9001 is the worldwide most well recognized frame perform for quality which is as from the moment being used by a total of 897,000 various establishments and organizations in more than one hundred seventy countries worldwide. This sets a regular for that management of high quality but also for systems of management, generally.

This is simply because almost each establishment would like to increase its level of operation and high quality, because this signifies that they would be capable to produce more customers. This also gives consumers a basis for amounts of performance when the ISO 9001 is used. They can be assured that those items which have been not just checked but certified for quality by the ISO 9001 are the greatest they can purchase.

When in the aerospace business, this basis is known as the AS 9100. Released only in October in the year 1999, this regular was executed by the European Association of Aerospace Industries and also the Society of Automotive Engineers. Before, everyone utilized the ISO 9001. So how does it work? Companies submit documents to qualify.

For that electronics business, it’s recognized as the ANSI ESD A 2020. This really is their standard. ASD is the association that sets this via the accreditation of the ISO 9000, and is also known as the IEC.

So, no matter which applies to you, the ISO 9001 is really a very important certification to achieve.

Are you involved in any of these industries? Then it’s important you familiarize yourself with these certifications. Not only will you have to read the fine print regarding what constitutes best high quality and what is worthy of getting licensed, in terms from the requirements set by the industries mentioned, it’s essential to realize what is included in all the licensing endeavours as nicely as all of the fees involved as well.

Keep in mind, that although you may think your product is best notch, the licensing bodies might not agree. You need to be aware from the quality standards you need to fulfill as well as all the different features and qualifications included.

Interviewing during the economic downturn – how to look confident in a job interview

Interviewing During the Economic Downturn – How to Look Confident in a Job Interview

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When you feel good about yourself, you radiate confidence. The same is unfortunately true when you’re feeling desperate or negative, you then radiate discomfort and nervousness. The latter is not the nonverbal message you want to convey to potential employers today, or ever. Instead, the positive message to send is:

- I’m capable/competent
- I’m organized
- I’m the right person for the job
- I’m powerful

The message you communicate during your interview can be the difference between that great job and unemployment. Because of the current economy creating an excess of skilled job-seekers, your competition is as eager and able as you are. Your image, your non-verbal message, should reinforce your resume and make you stand out in an attractive way to prospective employers.

1. First impressions happen quickly. In only one twelfth of a second, the human brain receives a visual picture. Within three seconds, someone can form an opinion about you based on your appearance; your dress, body language, mannerisms and demeanor. Fifty-five percent of another person’s perception of you is based on how you look, so make it count! In those first moments you make a statement that you can spend the rest of your interview building on. Make it work for you! Here are five tips to consider as you venture out to secure the next step in your career:

- Evaluate the work environment. Is it business casual, artsy, conservative? Dress appropriately for the culture, while maintaining professionalism.
- Have your suit dry cleaned if needed. Make sure you look wrinkle free, coordinated and polished.
- Keep your make-up, jewelry and fragrance light so you don’t offend the eyes and nose.
- Have your shoes polished and in good condition. (The eyes are the window to the soul, but the shoes are the gauge to the work character.)
- Make sure your hair is neat and appropriate for the atmosphere.

2. Nonverbal cues are as important as your interview clothes. You have this opportunity to project confidence, poise, and competence. So, how do you make this strong, positive statement about yourself?
- Posture speaks volumes. An erect, open posture exudes confidence. Keep your body’s center facing your listener, and avoid crossing arms or clasping hands for a “receptive” demeanor.
- Eye contact is important. In American society, 40-60% direct eye contact is considered the appropriate standard. Less may suggest a shifty character; more, and the receiver feels imposed upon. Use yours to send a message of sincere and genuine interest.
- Awareness. Be aware of nervousness, tics and bad habits. Stay in the moment and project what you want your interviewer to see: the best possible you!

3. PMA: A big part of projecting a powerful presence is having a positive mental attitude. Most interviewers are intuitive enough to pick up on your feelings during an interview.. If you are uncomfortable and awkward during the meeting, your interviewer may be as well. (If they are uncomfortable, they’re less likely to make a positive decision about you.) If you are in a positive state of mind, confident, strong and calm, your interviewer will pick up on it. Your interview will progress more smoothly, and this will be attributed to you and your abilities, setting you apart from your competition.

Once you make an impression, it’s difficult to change it. So it is important to make sure that what you’re projecting is the impression you want the interviewer to have of you. That first positive message is the one you will build on all throughout the interview. Make it work for you. Be mindful and in the moment. With proper preparation, you can tell your story – the story of you as a confident, poised professional who should get the job!