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Improve your home with a garage conversion

Improve Your Home With a Garage Conversion

In the average home the purpose of a garage is to house a car but many if not most of us fail to use the space for such a purpose. Our garages end up being a dumping ground for unwanted items and a place to put old paint tins and DIY tools.

While our garages remain empty our houses end up bursting with things that we simply have no use for. So why not put this space to use? As many people cant afford to move house and rarely have space to extend their home the one option that is screaming out at us is a garage conversion. If you want an extra family room, bedroom, playroom, office/study, kitchen/utility room, dining room, or even a home cinema or a gym; a garage conversion could be use the answer that you are looking for.

Any type of garage can be converted, whether it is a single or double etc and as many single garages are only 150 square feet in size the average family car will use about be able to squeeze in but opening the doors to get out would prove to be a challenge, giving you even more reason to convert your garage to a more functional space.

A garage conversion acts as the most popular aspect of home conversions. Most don’t require a form of planning permission but you should always check with your local authority before carrying out any work as there is a change you will need to abide by building regulations. A garage conversion doesn’t involve a change a use so UK building regulations will only apply if structural changes are made or if your conversion will affect the drainage of the property. An example of when you will require building approval is if you are changing the original garage doorway to place a window.

Occasionally, in cases when you need building approval your request will be turned down if, for example, it will add to local drainage problems or if there is already pressure on parking, which is common in many London Boroughs.

When enquiring about your garage conversion you should keep in mind aspects such as the wall capacity. If your garage has leaf masonry walls then you may require additional work to be carried out in order to improve the insulation and weather resistance of your property. This extra cost and work will help you in the long run as it will keep your heating bills down and ensure that your property has a protection against damp. You also need to be aware of the need for proper ventilation, especially concerning your windows.

By undertaking the task of a garage conversion you are not only adding extra space to your home you are also adding value. Internal space tends to add more value to your property. By having an extra room your home will be worth more than if you had a garage. However you should think about the long term situation as well as the short. A garage conversion will add extra value to your home now but in years to come it may not due to areas being ‘zoned’ for residential parking, meaning having a form of off road parking in terms of a garage will leave you better off within the property market.

Jb transport: heavy haulers 101: weight

Jb Transport: Heavy Haulers 101: Weight

Have you ever hit a pothole?  How about a really big one that swallows your car? There is nothing quite as shocking as unexpectedly diving into a deep hole while cruising along in a vehicle. Even at slow speeds, these experiences can be unnerving. Potholes are the result of a combination of a several things; two really – weight and weather. Continuous stress on a road compresses and stretches the asphalt. Eventually, with enough time and enough weight, the bonds in the pavement can begin to break resulting in tiny fissures and cracks. As weather, especially freezing and thawing, takes its toll, the tiny cracks grow into fully mature holes of destruction. For car travelers and freight transportation carriers alike, serious pothole collisions can be the death knell for the alignment on a vehicle, a tire, and can even result in an accident.
This is the last installment of our series dealing with the size restrictions that can bump a normal freight transportation load into the world of heavy haul. These limits and regulations are in place to protect the truck, the driver, the cargo, the road, and most importantly, everyone else. There are limits on height to prevent trucks from damaging bridges and overpasses. There are restrictions on width to avoid trouble in tunnels and narrow roads. Limitations on length ensure safety on winding roads and city hauls. And now, finally, we will look at the restrictions on weight and the significance to us as heavy haulers and average Joe’s alike. The special permitting required in certain freight transportation situations are intended for the good of us all. Now, all these restrictions might seem like a lot of extra hassle for things that good truck drivers should already be on top of; but, having extra safety measures in place does help keep everyone on the same page. Luckily, with companies like JB Transportation who do all their permitting in-house, the hassles of permitting for heavy hauls become virtually non-existent.

Industrial air pressure hoses procure the best

Industrial air pressure hoses procure the best

Industrial air pressure hoses can be put to myriad applications. There are certain hoses which are designed to handle anhydrous ammonia up to specified working pressures; these hoses are made of PVC compounds and come with strong reinforcements. As many of us know, anhydrous ammonia can be damaging to the eyes and lungs in both liquid and gaseous vapor states. It would not be wrong to say that the use of ineffective hoses can lead to fatal accidents in industrial environments. Choosing the right kind of industrial air pressure hoses therefore becomes extremely necessary and important.

Industrial air pressure hoses that are designed efficiently and cost effectively using the best quality materials are much in demand. One can use them in myriad industrial applications; there are some which can be used for general industrial needs. There are others which are used for more specific needs. Irrespective to the uses to which they are put, there are certain features which are desirable in these industrial hoses. These products need to be resistant to heat, weather, chemicals, oil, flame, and abrasion. The hoses need to come with a maximum life so that they can be used for long. The hoses need to be safe to handle and ensure maximum on the job productivity.

The reinforced PVC hoses – to take a specific case in point – can be used to convey a wide variety of materials from water on the one hand to hazardous chemicals on the other. These and other industrial hoses are available in different sizes and specifications. When procured from a reputed provider, these products often meet or exceed the established industrial standards.

Some leading providers of industrial air pressure hoses, PVC hoses, and airoflex air hoses are currently making their presence felt in the online marketplace. These online manufacturers are using right profile PVC compounds and coming up with some innovative products in this sector. The internal braided reinforcements which are a part of many of these hose systems make them ideal for both high as well as low pressure industrial applications.

To know more about industrial air pressure hoses, airoflex air hoses, airoflex air tubing, braided air gas hoses and more, you can visit terraflexhoses.